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Catalogues and Price Lists

Subbuteo's European Catalogues.

Inventor Peter Adolph made an early attempt at an overseas expansion for Subbuteo, by producing box sets for the Belgian market in the late 1940s. Adolph visited Belgium to promote the game, and one of his more amusing stories relates to this experience. He apparently drank too much, flirted with a dignitary's wife, and ended up being challenged to a duel - or at least having to pay compensation for the experience. Perhaps this adventure discouraged Adolph from further overseas expansion, as Subbuteo under his ownership remained a mostly British affair. That said, further 1950s flat sets have been sighted from Holland and Germany, as well as a Swedish rule book, so there was a little activity in northern Europe. In the early 1960s, Adolph had opened further factories in Gibraltar and Spain, and although these were generally used for production for the British market, it is known that products were sold in Spain (although possibly restricted to areas around the factory in Barcelona). This range does not seem to have been catalogued at the time.

Things changed when Waddingtons acquired the company in 1967. Waddingtons could obviously see the potential market for Subbuteo wherever football was played, which was (and is) basically everywhere. Their strategy was to find partners in other territories, usually established toy/game companies, who could provide marketing and distribution for the game.

Usually with Subbuteo, the game continued to be manufactured in the UK, but the paperwork was produced by the local distributor. Obviously the rule book needed producing in the correct language, and price lists would need to be issued in the local currency. As printing technology improved, many of the later distributors saw the benefit of a colour catalogue showing the teams and accessories that were available locally, and this page aims to list as many of these catalogues as collectors are aware of.

Many of the catalogues on this page are shown in more detail elsewhere on this website, especially when the local production had interesting quirks. However, the aim of this page is to provide more of a "tick list" of European paperwork. The known distributors are listed here.



This one is a Belgian catalogue from original distributors Continental Trading Agency (who also produced the weird Ice Hockey set). The pictures suggest this one is late 1960s, predating the illustrated team lists. This catalogue has a bit of a mystery at the end of the team list. The teams run to reference 55, then jump to ref 64 (which was introduced as Belgian team Ostende). However, after that are three mystery sides SP 1, 3 and 4. Alas, the borrowed pictures do not give enough resolution to make out who they are. SP4 looks like it could be the known Crossing Schaerbeek team (green and white hoops, green shorts) Details awaited. And who was SP. 2?


circa 1972



1978 1979-80


  The French catalogues are described and illustrated in detail in the Delacoste and French Production pages of this website.

MAKO catalogue 1982-83

The French had a change of distributor to MAKO S.A. A catalogue from 1982-83 has been spotted. It has the same cover as the 1981 French catalogue, but everything is re-numbered. This range has unique French Language box lids on the full editions, but otherwise seems to be a standard stuff.


German distribution seems to move between companies. The early flat sets were distributed by Gunter Czarkowski, who remained head of the German Table Football Federation in the 1970s, and his son won the first Subbuteo "World Cup". I await details of the 1950s price lists from this distributor.

1973 Mid 1970s colour leaflet 1978 colour leaflet.

However, by the 1970s heavyweight distribution had changed to a company named Schnipp & Schuss. They produced a green and white catalogue/promotional leaflet in 1973. The booklet actually combined details of the player's federation and German table soccer clubs, with the training details from the Spin! leaflet and the all important catalogue.


In the 1980s production was taken over by Germany toy company Jumbo. There is one full colour catalogue that I am currently aware of. This is dated to 1983.


1973 1974 1975 1976-77 Team Sheet 1976

Italian distributor Edilio Parodi was one of the strongest supporters of the game, and this reflects in the number of catalogues produced, and the specials and extra products that emanate from Italy.

1978 1981 1982/83 (2nd edition) 1985-86 1994

From 1978 the catalogues are bigger and stapled, mimicking the British "Subbuteoworld" versions. However, the Italian ones are expanded to contain pages of club news, and tournaments.


1954 1972 Late 1970s Clipper leaflet.

This was another country where the distribution changed hands a couple of times. In the 1950s, a company called Es-Es-Es were handling distribution of the flat sets and accessories. A simple white price-list/order form was provided in the early sets, covering teams and accessories.

The early 1970s saw Waddingtons organising a more professional distribution network. A red catalogue from 1972 has the early run of Dutch teams in the heavyweight range, numbered 82 to 89. As with the German catalogue of similar vintage, this is not illustrated. Here, the descriptions of team colours do differ from the British counterpart, but I've not seen teams to match. My copy of this list seems to lack the name of a distributor.

The next era of Dutch production was overseen by Clipper Games, who also produced many other Waddingtons products such as Monopoly. Clipper produced their own box sets, but the teams and accessories appear to be standard issue. I've seen a single catalogue/leaflet of the period, dated to the late 1970s. This still appears in later lightweight Clipper sets.


There was an early Spanish range produced by Peter Adolph's Barcelona factory in the 1960s. I've yet to see a catalogue from this output though, and Waddingtons seem to have closed down Spanish production once they took over from Peter Adolph.

Spain 1983

Spanish company Borras produced their own unique range circa 1980-82, to coincide with the 1982 World Cup. This saw unique boxes produced across the range, a revamped World Cup 1982 Edition, and a much expanded Spanish club team range. This team range was not fed back into the standard numbered range (although possibly numbers were assigned in the 500s). Spanish Borras Editions 1982 is the page to visit for this range.

Luckily for us, Borras did produce a small leaflet to show all these products, and this is shown here.

The "Waddingtons International Limited" Brochure.


This brouchure from 1981 is also shown on the British flyers page. The leaflet explains that it was designed by Waddingtons International Ltd. As such, the blurb was written in five languages (including English). Here, the cover from the British 1981 catalogue is part of the design, but instead of the full catalogue, the two sides show a random (and unnumbered) page of teams, simply to show the selection of colours on offer, plus a selection of the more common accessories. The Club Edition, and the licensed FIFA World Cup Edition are the box sets to feature, perhaps indicating where the range was going in the 1980s. I assume this one was designed for any distributors who did not want to produce their own versions (the Greek language is very noticeable among the options).

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