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Catalogues and Price Lists: Page 2.

This page covers the British catalogues and posters issued by Subbuteo from 1971 onwards.

1971-1977 Posters.







You've reached the 1970s and the first poster/catalogues. This is a key change for Subbuteo from "price list" to colour catalogue. By 1973-74 the catalogues folded out so that one side was in colour illustrating the team range and selected accessories, whilst the other side still followed the existing pattern listing all the teams and accessories available for all the Subbuteo games, including rugby and cricket. From 1972-73 the list of prices moved onto a separate sheet, and these are all shown on the Subbuteo flyers page.

1971-72: Although the first one to be called a catalogue, and despite the full colour cover, this was still just a price list. It is the first catalogue in decimal currency (the catalogue cost 2p, and the other extreme was the World Cup Edition at 7.90), and technically the last, as the prices move onto a separate price list sheet the following year. A "Stop Press" feature took the team list to 81, and featured the only catalogue appearance of the original version of 79 (with white shorts). It also unveiled the new plastic versions of sets Q1-3. Continental sets reached C129, with the FA Cup and number transfers introduced. The early range lost Set S. The rugby display edition arrived (1.70 as opposed to 3.90 for the full game). An even bigger arrival was Football Express, which had a two page colour spread, and at 4.20 was priced between club and floodlighting editions.
1972-73: Whilst the same dimensions as the previous year, this was the first real illustrated catalogue, showing a number of the continental accessories (team colours had to wait a further year). The price list was separate from the catalogue for the first time, and the team chart moved to the price list for the only time. Team colours reached 106, and the 1970 World Cup teams made their final appearance as named sides (they joined the team list proper the following year). The Continental range reached C133, and C112 disappeared. In the old range, sets D, G, H, HH, P, and R have all vanished. No new sets appeared, and the combination outfit and cricket display edition had been dropped.
So this was the first big illustrated team list/poster. The team lists reached 165, but not all were actually illustrated (about 90% were). The Continental Accessory list reached C135. C130-C135 were described as new, and were all illustrated. The only items left in the A-Z range were F, FF, JJ, L, LX, N, NN, Q, U, V, and W, with sets C, M and Z crossing over to the Continental range for the first time (to become C116, C109, and C115 respectively). Angling disappeared, and so had the rugby display edition, but snooker express was introduced. The big arrival was the Munich World Series Edition, a new top-of-the-range set.
1974-75: The teams reached 190, although they were only illustrated to 176. The Continental accessories moved on slightly to C137, and C126 is dropped. Set Q was also dropped. Among the sets, Targetman was the new arrival.
1975-76: Teams were held at 190, and usefully all were illustrated. The accessories increased by one to C138, and nothing else happens...
1977: As you can see by the cover, the stadium finally appeared in this year. Subbuteo' main address moved to Tonbridge, and the date was only mentioned in the copyright notice. Teams were still held at 190, but the accessory range changed, with new accessories to C143, and then the A-Z range renumbered to C144-C152, with set JJ falling by the wayside. Munich was replaced by the first Stadium edition, and the International edition also disappeared (to return in 1981). Targetman also retired.

Subbuteo World Catalogues 1978-81.



1979 (no date)



These are nice glossy, well illustrated catalogues from the golden period of Subbuteo. Unlike most of the other catalogues on these pages, these were not supplied in sets, but could be bought in your local supplier (10p initially, but 1981 was 20p). This meant they were given an accessory range number (C155) from 1978 to 1981. When I was a kid I owned (and treasured) the 1979 catalogue without the date on the front, so that catalogue always looks normal to me. However, shown next to the dated version, and the blank space looks glaring. Where's the date gone?

1978: The first of the "Subbuteo World" catalogues. A huge leap in teams sees them listed to Iran at 322, although they were only illustrated to 321. The zombie had arrived, and the teams are illustrated with a graphic of this figure rather than actual players. The accessory range reached C154. It was the last appearance for the original Stadium Edition, and card inserts for the box sets. Last listing too for the ref's whistle (although it was included in C166 the next year), and the brown scoreboard. The rugby team range expanded to 37.
1979: This was the first Subbuteo catalogue I ever owned, aged nine, and mine has long since lost its cover. Team numbers stuck at 322, although a few of the French teams discreetly changed colours. The accessory range was up to C166. These were not shown in order, but I think the ones still available were C100, C101, C102, C104, C106-C111, C113, C117-C119, C121, C123, C127-C135, C137, C139-C145, C147-C148, C153-C154 and C156-C166 which were new. C155 isn't mentioned, but it is actually the catalogue itself. The cover was printed with and without the date. The players on the front cover were lightweights, and they slowly arrived in the team sets. Oddly, the rugby box switched back to the earlier one in the box illustrations. Top Scorer is introduced. many of the illustrations are the same as the previous year.
1980: "Into the 80s with Subbuteo" Again, this is similar to the previous catalogues, but at least the pictures change, and it was an attractive catalogue. There were two pages of "new for 1980" items including Hockey, Rugby Sevens, and accessories to C178. Team numbers increased to 328, and this was the final catalogue to feature blank sides and every reference number. The accessories get a page listing. C116 returned. C162-164 (the EPNS Cups) do not appear.
This lovely catalogue was possibly the peak of Subbuteo production (or excess). Hockey and Sport Billy had full write-ups. Full rugby and cricket accessory and team lists were still included. The team numbers reached 359, then leap to 501-509, which were teams produced in Italy. 505 is not illustrated, but was mentioned as Argentina No2 in the A-Z team index. Subbuteo also started to drop obsolete teams, so the number of teams actually available was 299.Accessories leapt to C188, but lost C111, C113, C135, C137, C147, C157, and C160, as well as C174 and C176 which only appeared in the 1980 catalogue.

Posters 1981-1985.






The posters of my youth, these have all spent time on my bedroom wall, stuck together with blue-tac and sticky tape. Only 1985 is actually dated, but they fit between the 1981 catalogue, and 1985 with one for each year. Catalogues were produced for trade (i.e. shops), and are a useful addition to these posters. The items supplied to shops reduced in this period, with many of the obscure teams and minor accessories being supplied only on demand by Subbuteo. Rugby and cricket teams and accessories were not on the shop list. 1982-83 had a top 100 teams available to shops, and this was then reduced to 75.

From 1982 to 1985 Subbuteo produced a separate wholesale catalogue for its suppliers to run alongside the posters for consumers. Three of these are now shown on the Subbuteo flyers page. These illustrated all the box sets and accessories available at retail, as well as the top 100 (later 75) teams and things like display stands.

1980 Poster: This was simply an illustrated list of all the teams in the 1980 catalogue. 
1981 Poster:
Same design as the 1980 version, but with the later range of teams.
1982 Poster: Probably the best of the posters, this still had all the box sets and items from the 1981 range wonderfully laid out. Teams numbers reached 394, with 501-509 and 540-560 (the new NASL range). Accessories reached C191 and the Indoor Edition appearred for the first (and only) time. The other sport editions were illustrated for a final time, but their accessory ranges were not (nor were they mentioned in the trade catalogue). This catalogue only illustrated the top 100 teams, but all are on the poster.
1983: The poster moved to a vertical display, and the box sets disappeared. Team numbers reached 473, (with 501-509 and 540-560 of course). C201-C203 joined the accessory range, which was still pretty impressive.
1984: This one was a similar design, and saw the arrival of the 61XXX number range for accessories. These reached 61207, but lost C118, C129, C144, C166, C169, C173, C186 and C187. A clean up caused by the re-box of the accessories, I suppose. Team numbers finally caught up to 560, and stood at 567 (with 306 actually available to buy).
1985: A bigger poster, with lovely clear team pictures that showed teams to 613 (319 available). The accessory range was at 61209, but lost both World Cups (61119 & 61182), and the first aid set (61184). Shop teams were reduced to a top 75, but the whole range featured in the trade catalogue this time out.

Catalogues 1986-1991.







Two catalogues here were undated, but it is obvious where they fit in the range. The Italia catalogue was the same size as the early 1980s catalogues, but all the others were A4.

1986: A return to catalogues, and this first one was a delight because it was the last outing for the big team range. Team numbers reached 636, and 298 were still available to buy (there were just 169 the next year...). There were only three boxed editions, Club, World Cup, and International.
Undated catalogue with Barry Venison on the cover. This was the last catalogue to feature the old green stadium. The accessory range was at 61214, and was still fairly large. However, there were only two box sets, with the International having been dropped. Team colours were at 652 (but only 169 were available). There was also a double page spread for the Club Colours painting range. The only time this appeared. The accessories were shown in the "green logo" boxes.
1988: Another undated catalogue. Much of the layout was the same as the 1987 catalogue, but the new Stadium was now in use, taking the accessories to 61218. The Grandstand Edition had been added, Club Colours dropped, and the number range was up to at 677. The accessories switched to "red logo" boxes.
1989: This one advertised the new Italia '90 stuff, but is pre-World Cup from 1989. Note the contrast between the stadiums on this cover and 1986. The accessories were still in the red logo boxes, which is why the Italia '90 items are sometimes found in these. The European Goals were replaced by the Italia 90 ones, and the Italia 90 balls replaced the yellow Tangos. The Italia '90 pitch was added, and the 61211 goalkeepers dropped. Team numbers reached 694. The box sets were the same three as the year before, so the 1986 boxed World Cup set (but with an Italia '90 sticker) was the one available.
1990: This is the only catalogue where the teams were not laid out in numerical order. Here they were divided into countries, so there are many repetitions. The country lists were not complete in any case, e.g. a look at Scotland shows that both Airdrie and Hamilton are missing. Some of the missing sides were laid out across the top of the team index pages. The list itself reached 712, with 164 (I think) to purchase. The accessory range was unchanged, and there was a two page spread of Super teams. The Italia '90 box set switched to the 1990s version with flip up lid.
1991: The key thing in this catalogue was the new Floodlights, which arrived in the accessory range at 61222. The Italia pitch was dropped (and the 61220 balls no longer had logos on them). Team numbers were up to 734 (with 166 available). Otherwise, it was as you were.

Posters 1992-1996

1992 Front

1992 Back


1994 1995 1996

I'm not sure if there is a 1997 poster. I provided the 1992 poster, Eddie Lang sent me 1993, Jon Shelley scanned 1994, Dimitrios Philippides photocopied 1995, and Stan Russell sent me 1996. Subbuteo fandom at work :-)

1992: A double sided poster with the range much as it was in 1991, but with a new set of balls (61223) replacing the Sambas. The teams reached 767, and numbers had yet to start being re-used. (154 teams were available in this year).
1993: A poster that displayed the USA '94 accessories, but was copyright 1992, and must be the 1993 catalogue. The USA goals and balls replaced the Italia ones, but that was the only change to the accessories. The teams reached 791, and we see the first number re-use (608 and 759). 154 teams available. Despite the small illustration, this was the biggest of the 1990s posters.
1994: The first of three similar shape "horizontal" posters. The team list on the back was in green. A similar accessory list to the previous year (USA goals, but no balls though). The Mundial goals had departed by this time. Two box sets were shown (Stadium and Club). The team list stopped at 806, Melchester Rovers.
An almost identical poster, but with red writing on the back. This had all the same accessory pictures except for a Floodlighting Edition picture, which replaced the USA 94 goals. The teams crept onto 820 with 158 remaining in the lists. This was the final time we see a full accessory range (sob).
1996: Produced by the Waddingtons Creative Services, but copyright Hasbro, this catalogue had blue writing on the back. It showed the team range reaching 830, with a respectable 147 teams still to buy. It was back to two box sets (Club and Premiership), but the accessory range really suffered. This was down to eleven items, with just five old favourites (61108, 61128, 61158, 61204, 61216), plus four combined sets (61133, 61233, 61239, 61240), and two Premiership sets (61125, 61234)

That is the end of Subbuteo's yearly catalogues, and therefore the end of this trawl through them. However, I've also produced a third page of all the price lists and flyers that didn't fit into this list. There are also pages for  European Catalogues and those from Japan & NZ

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