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Links Page.

I started my website early in 1999, after searching fruitlessly for information on the old Subbuteo product range. There were plenty of sites featuring Subbuteo leagues, and results (which was encouraging to see), but there didn't seem to be many sites for collectors. Thankfully, things are now much better, and there are a good number of websites featuring information, or providing items to sell. 

I've divided my links list into "fan" sites, "sellers" sites. (plus a couple of league sites). This can't be a clean divide, because most collectors sell items to some extent, and most sellers collect. However, I do find that my site visitors are either looking for information, or they are looking to buy stuff, and this page is aiming to point them in the right direction! So if a sites main purpose is to inform and entertain, it is in the fan section, and if its main purpose is to sell stuff, its in the seller section. Clear? good.

February 2020: The Links page is overdue for a spring clean - a combination of vintage PC and dial-up internet meant that I haven't really kept up to date with the online Subbuteo Scene. I was very pleased to find that a lot of the sites on this page were still doing great things. I need more though, so send in your details. A search of google doesn't seem to bring up any of this stuff. Some of the Italian sites are staggering. If you know one I've missed, please pass the details on.
June 2020: Okay, not a lot of extra links have been sent in, but four months on a faster internet connection means I've found most for myself. So assuming people are interested, I've put in lots more links, and the page is getting more where I'd want it to be.

The Official Website.
I thought I'd better stay in Hasbro's good books, and start with this link :-)

This is Hasbro's official website for the new Subbuteo, and as expected from a big corporation, it is slick and well presented. 2020:- The site has been revamped by new firm Longshore, but it is rather lacking in news or updates.

Centauria manufacture the Italian La Leggenda Platinum partwork

Forums etc.

This website was set up by Chris Smith, who was frustrated by the lack of facilities on the old Subbuteo forum. It is designed for players and collectors and is independent of any Subbuteo clubs - making it a neutral ground. Only registered members can post on the forum, and this helps control the slanging matches that occur within any hobby!!

Subbuteo online is a news website, and well worth a visit for up to date information on new releases, community events, and such like.

Fan website Section.

The Heavyweight Websites.

Mike Peacock's website has a great gallery of his favourite items, a sound file of the classic 1960s Subbuteo timer, and small sales and swap pages. In addition, Mike is producing a list of heavyweight teams using big pictures of the actual figures, in an attempt to catalogue all the variations that exist, including base colours and painting styles. This is a really useful list for all collectors of the teams of the 1970s, so if you find you have some different variations, then please send them to Mike.

Little Plastic Men also sells new teams painted in classic Subbuteo designs of the 1970s, and professional equipment.

An old site that I'd lost the modern address for. Lots of work has occurred since I last visited. The lists are similar to Mike's LPM but expanded to the 1-322 range, plus all the Italian specials. So it is a list of single players with base and painting variations. Some might be a little suspect to my eye, but it gives a good feel of the h/w variety that is out there. The advertising is annoying, but that's often the case.....

Subbuteo Memorabilia Old Teams  Another Italian heavyweight website. Frankly, you are always going to enjoy these things..... It is an old site. Not sure if it updates, and my computers are all having (different) issues with it though.

The Lightweight websites.

The lightweight Subbuteo figure produced from 1980 onwards seems to be a popular collectable figure in Italy. This site is run by the three wise men of Italian lightweight collecting - Filippo Leone, Andrea Bianchini and Andrea Putignani. (with the website know-how of Tommaso Aniello). In effect it is the lightweight equivalent of Mike Peacock's heavyweight database. Using scans of actual teams, this site is not only a great team identifier but also shows that the same team can use several different machine prints. Of course, it also shows which teams were available as hand-painted figures. 

2020: This website seems to get updated even less than mine, but it is still essential.....

Actually, the above site has a rival. Check out Subbuteo.eu for more lists of lightweight variations. More than you would have thought existed.

The only thing this site lacks is a banner or a catchy name. So I've had to make do with this picture of the creator Salvatore (and me), from the Maidenhead swapmeet of 2014.

The third big (really big) Italian lightweight site. The collection (or sadly possibly the "ex" collection) of Giuseppe "Beppeming" Mingardo. He has my preferred layout for a collection, with the lightweights photographed on top of the named boxes. The collection isn't complete, but it is seriously, scarily good. There is also a sensible lightweight rarity guide, and some lovely pictures of modern hand-painted teams.

The Zeugo team list.

   New for 2022 is the The Zeugo Catalogue a site owned by Colin Forward. This site follows the format of the other team list sites above, and illustrates the whole official 400+ team range of this attractive 21st Century Italian Subbuteo clone. Well worth a visit, simply to admire the different teams produced, and marvel at all the minor adjustments to kits that modern football seems to need. Zeugo can be used as a cheap, competitive team with in either modern "gliding" table soccer, or as a heavyweight substitute, as this style of base is also available. A look down the lists will soon find teams you'll want to play with...

The General Fan Sites.

Chris Smith's site is one of the more general collecting sites, and another must see. He has pages of Subbuteo rules that are actually clear and easy to follow (unlike most of the rule books!). He also has a great page on box sets showing the contents of most sets. If you have a full stadium, you can show it to the world in Chris's gallery. This is a site with useful collecting guides and rules. Something I've never really covered.

Stefano Montecchiesi's great site has become more of an Italian Blog.
The site can be viewed in both Italian and English.

Luca Zacchi's Subbuteo blog is another huge site. It has pictures of many of the old heavyweights along with details of the teams they represent. Plus a lot of the modern interpretations of these teams - the Fabbri partworks, and others. Plus lots of other interesting stuff (if you speak Italian, or can do the translations).

Your collection has to be pretty impressive to call it The Subbuteo Museum.... Luckily, Francao has some fantastic stuff.

Makes my collection look like a bunch of car boot sale cast offs..... Okay, in fairness, my collection is a etc etc.

Zombie - King. 
Greek collector Panos is a big fan of zombies, the generally disliked playing figure which was only produced by Subbuteo for about three years at the end of the 1970s. His Zombie-King website is passionate, but not too serious in its claims! Panos illustrates many fine zombie teams of the period, and also shows that the figure can be repainted in some style (see the Stefan Corda designed figure shown here for proof). 

2020: The site has a lovely modern facelift, and great pictures.

Alan Crampton's new directory website. Has a good clubs section. An endeavour well worth supporting.

Another Italian fan site (with a great logo). He has about five of the Italian catalogues available as pdfs, which is worth the visit alone.... Plus the modern partworks, Italian rulebook pdfs, and some fun software Subbuteo scoreboard timers.

A welcome addition to the Subbuteo community is this Subbuteo cricket website. The site expands the cricket information on this site, with great pictures of the teams, sets, and accessories such as the rare fence surrounds. It also features new 3-D printer produced cricket accessories and teams, of which I was completely unaware (probably because I don't do facebook!!).

Sellers website Section

Pete Whitehead's website has been selling Subbuteo to the masses from the dawn of the collecting era (i.e. for as long as this site has been in operation, and maybe longer). He can be expensive with collectables - although there are often offers and bargains to be had. He does get a few gems, and things you won't see elsewhere.

He has also expanded into modern equipment in recent years to cater for club players, and newcomers. A good choice of stuff.

My own personal "go to" website for the modern teams and accessories. The service is good, and Rui put up with me ordering in a traditional* way when I was offline (*a hand written letter and a cheque). Can't say fairer than that.

In the good old days of this website there were a couple of dedicated sellers of spare players listed. These have fallen by the wayside, but Alan Lee's Wobbly Hobby Shop aims to fill the gap. Plus there are accessory spares and full teams. Oh, and his technology is enabling this website to be updated - so pay him a visit!!!

The Emporium has been in business since 2005 (under current owner since 2007). Like Subbuteo, it usually has a interesting range of old teams for sale. Often eye-watering prices, but such is the way of the rarer teams these days (sigh).

Mark Parker has been running Santiago since 2009, providing a distinctly retro range of teams, or paint-your-own options in reproductions of the heavyweight figures of old. Figures are produced in either a short-sleeved heavyweight, the classic long-sleeved version, or an alternate "vintage" figure to represent the Victorian era of kits.

Astrobase produce a complicated range of top quality bases and equipment for the serious table soccer player, including some great metal goals. They are also the main distributors for the Italian Subbuteo and Zeugo ranges.

Subbuteo and Vinyl is run by Andy Gregory, and sells a selection of vintage teams and accessories.

SubbuteoMarkt is a German based website run by Petros Sioutis. This is a website for new Subbuteo and table soccer products. I've not seen any other German stockists of Subbuteo products. For any German website visitors this seems a great place to stock up on Subbuteo, Zeugo, professional bases, storage boxes, paintable figures, and some of the new 3D printed stuff on the market. Clear to navigate, and a good range of things to enjoy.

Edilio Parodi are a company with a proud history of supplying Subbuteo products in Italy. The original distributors for Waddingtons in the 1970s-90s, they also manufactured their own licensed Subbuteo products in the early 2000s. Zeugo is their non-licensed clone of Subbuteo.

Another Italian manufacturer of Subbuteo heavyweight clones. Similar to Santiago, but Italian.... Also produce lightweights, balls and other table soccer items. Website is a little slow on my connection. It looks like they are manufacturing a rugby clone as well.

Superfooty Table Soccer Another of the clones of Subbuteo. Once manufactured by old friend of this website World Table Soccer. Some attractive simple painted figures are available.

Soccerito A spin-off site from the "Zombie-King" mentioned above, this is a Greek sales site with a selection of table soccer items, old Subbuteo, and the exclusive Greek Stefan Corda teams which are well worth a look. 

Crafting and Painting Sellers Section.

A blog and a sales site for some lovely box labels (and hand-painted teams). Which is why I've edged it into the sales section....

Not too many painting services on this links page. This is a good choice though, and a recent return to the community for the Custom Flicks site which I remember from old. Some lovely unique teams are available, or you can put in a request. Stunning small details on these teams, and a nice easy site to navigate. Well worth a visit, even just to admire!.

"Vintage&hand-made hobby e-shop dedicated to the world of Subbuteo and football (all the items for sale are part of Francesco Manetti's private collection)"

Collector Francesco Manetti runs the Subbuteo Village hobby site, a venture designed to sell off a few items from his own collection, as well as offer some fun, hand-made, custom items. There are wooden goals (on plastic bases), plastic solo goalkeepers (on wooden bases), pitch options, and more. Everything comes packaged in cute brown boxes. Another site with some lovely dedicated crafting.

Links Site

Harold van Veenendaal's very useful link page lists just about all the Subbuteo related sites on the internet, whether you're looking to play, or buy or collect.

Websites for players.

The English Subbuteo Association should be the first point of call for anyone looking to play the game, whether for the first time, or as a returnee. Their website gives details of clubs and tournaments around the country.

Club Websites

WORTHING FIVESTAR TABLE FOOTBALL CLUB My local club, the Fivestar are a very friendly and welcoming group based here on the South Coast. They play weekly on a Thursday at the Heene Community Centre.

 Wiltshire TSC Founded in 1972, Wiltshire Table Soccer Club can lay claim to being one of, if not the oldest, continually playing club in the country. Sadly, the website seems to be dormant, so perhaps our oldest club is no more?

Other Sites of interest.

Andrew Stadden is the son of renowned model maker Charles Stadden. Charles Stadden is credited with revolutionizing model soldier designs in the 1950s, but luckily for us, he also found the time to design some of the classic icons of 1970s Subbuteo - the classic heavyweight player (not the bases of course), the supporters, the Jules Rimet trophy and the FA Cup among others. 

Andrew's site includes a tribute to his father, who sadly passed away a few years ago aged 83. It also includes interesting details on model making and an attractive gallery.

2020: A big thank you to Marco who has sent the corrected website address for this site.

Website from another friend of the Tribute - John Devlin, whose football kit books are essential to Subbuteo team painters.

ONE STEP BEYOND - The Motherwell Fanzine website.

Subbuteo community member (and site contributor) Matt Johnstone is even more famous as a passionate Motherwell supporter, editing the One Step Beyond fanzine, and publishing a book on the club "Joe Wark knew my father tae" His enjoyable website also gives you a chance to buy a Motherwell Subbuteo related t-shirt or two. 

If you have a Subbuteo related website you would like featured on this page, then please let me know.

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