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Subbuteo Team Art - Page 1.

Elsewhere on this website I have a list of things to do with Subbuteo, where I suggest that you can paint your own teams. There are plenty of reasons for attempting this. You could be dissatisfied with the detail on the official versions or, of course, there could be no official version of the teams you want at all. Perhaps you would like a Subbuteo version of your local Sunday morning pub side. Maybe your country is one of those Subbuteo never covered. And let's not forget that Hasbro haven't produced any teams for the 1999/2000 seasons.

Being a painter of fantasy wargaming figures myself, I've tried to tidy up some "home-painted" second hand teams, and found it extremely difficult. So this page is dedicated to some of the regular contributors to the site, Joe Butt, Stefano Montecchiesi, and Wayne Smith, who have really improved on the original Subbuteo paintwork. Perhaps Hasbro could release special limited collectors editions of teams to this quality - they'd certainly have a few takers!!

A quick warning to team painters. Subbuteo is becoming collectable, so make sure you don't use any teams of value when you're doing this!

Joe Butt's Teams.
(left to right) Southampton, Manchester City, West Bromich Albion


Joe painted these teams in the early 1980s, when he became frustrated by the quality of teams turned out by Subbuteo themselves. Joe's aim was to paint a kit of each team in the English League, and this is just a very small selection. The Southampton kit is his favourite, but I also really like the West Brom kit with the bold strips and non-smoking chest advertisment. And yes, the Man City kit does have the "Philips" logo written across its chest.

Stefano Montecchiesi's Teams.

Stefano kindly sent me a JPG of twenty-four of his home painted teams. I was going to take a selection from this, but my favourites keep changing. So here they all are - pick your own favourites :-)

001 Sampdoria 1990/91 (Italian Championship winner)

002 Sampdoria 1998/99

003 Sampdoria (50th anniversary)

004 Sampdoria 2nd (1998-2000)

005 Sampdoria 3rd (1998/99)

006 Sampdoria (Red) - have you guessed which team Stefano supports yet?

007 Ajax

008 Monaco (1997/98)

009 Arsenal

010 West Ham

011 Espanol (1998/99)

012 Chelsea (1998/99)

013 Galatasaray (1999/00)

014 P.S.V. Eindhoven (1999/00)

015 Kaiserslautern (1999/00)

016 Venezia (1998/99)

017 Tottenham 1998/99

018 Benfica

019 Giamaica (Jamaica) '98

020 Denmark

021 Arabian Emirates '98

022 Croatia

023 South Africa '97

024 Argentina '98

Stefano's own website is now up and running, and includes many more of his excellent hand painted figures. Just click on the banner below.

Or to look at Wayne Smith's teams - follow this link to page 2 of the gallery.

Do you have a talent for Subbuteo painting you want to share? If so, please e-mail pictures to the website.

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