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Subbuteo Team Art - Page 2.

Wayne Smith's Collection.

Wayne lives in Northridge CA, and is Vice President of the American Subbuteo Assn. All the pictures on this page are from Wayne's personal collection of Subbuteo, and are painted by him or his friends (see the individual credits ). Wayne has sent me some fantastic close-ups of his collection, but I've reluctantly had to cut them down in size and quality - to allow the page to load quicky, and to match the rest of the site.

If you like Wayne's work, I strongly suggest you check out bagpipes.com/subbuteo.htm, where you can view most of these teams in all their splendor.

Wayne has photographed his teams with a 35mm Pentax ME Super Special w/50mm macro lens. ASA 100 film, f/32, roughly 2 seconds exposure time. The camera is supported vertically by coins under the camera and held side to side by finger pressure.

This is Wayne's SV Werder Bremen team from 1991, including spare goalkeepers, and painted by Wayne himself.


A good close-up of Werder Bremen players, 1.FC Köln from 1991, and Feyenoord from 1988.


More SV Werder Bremen from Wayne (kits from 1988 to 1991) in the first photo. The second photo shows Eintracht Frankfurt (away, and home) from 1990.

This final one from Wayne is a very clever conversion, and a good example of what can be achieved even if you are not the world's greatest painter (i.e. me). Wayne has taken the standard 1994 German kit (ref.768), and painted the jersey green to produce the German away strip. Simple and effective.


Inter Milan, (home and away) and Fiorentina (away) all from 1987. Painted by Ryan Scott.


Arsenal, (home and away) from 1997, Man Utd, and Man City from 1988. Painted by Gary Archer.

And Finally:-

Justice League Utd. Do I need to say more? Painted, and modelled by Ryan Scott.

Do you want to join this Subbuteo equivalent of Vision On, and broadcast your Subbuteo painting talents to the word? If so, please e-mail me.