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Page 5: Team Lists.

The aim of this page is simply to list (and illustrate where possible) the different colour kits that were available for Newfooty players through the game's history. Due to a lack of photos, I have not split the illustrations up to show the variations in 1950s figures. As with Subbuteo, the figures were available in both card and celluloid. The celluloid teams exist both with, and without printed numbers on the back of the shirts. As the players are printed on a clear celluloid figure, the numbers tend to show through on the fronts of the figures. The 1950s teams feature a number of different action poses, and the selection below randomly covers all of these.

Team Colours 1927-1940s.

More work is required on the early period of Newfooty. Oddly, the two sets I've used to illustrate the early years have the same colour teams provided, albeit with different illustrations. The teams on the sky background are 1930s, and the chaps on the right are from a war time set. There were 14 teams available in the late 1930s, and 20 teams were originally produced in the new post war figure. At this time, the figures were all card.

Team Colours 1953-58

In this era, the team colours were listed on the final page of the catalogue. These were not laid out nicely like the Subbuteo team lists, but the 1953 list mentions that "a complete list of the various English Scottish, Northern Irish, and International teams available on request."

The 1953-54 catalogue had 23 team colours compared with 28 in the 1953-54 Subbuteo version. Like Subbuteo, this number was slowly increased. By 1958 the list had reached 28 kits.

Again for comparison, I've included the Subbuteo reference next to the Newfooty version. What is good news for Newfooty collectors is that the two teams in each box set seem to be a random selection from the range. So unlike Subbuteo, where every box set is just blue/white vs red/white, a Newfooty set is always a surprise. As noted on the accessory list, there was a difference in celluloid figures between the old plastic balancing disc figures and those designed for the later all-in-one bases. The earlier figure had a small tag that fitted through a hole in the disc. The illustrations were also different though, with more (and different) action poses, and no shirt numbers.

2008: A big thank you to Martyn Burr who kindly supplied many of the pictures for this expanded section.

Teams available in the undermentioned coloured jerseys.

A good selection of Newfooty teams with white shorts.

White Shorts.

Shirt Colour 

1951 Sub ? 1953 Sub ? 1958 Sub ?
Red and white stripes Y 4 Y   Y
Blue and white stripes Y 3 Y   Y  
Black and white stripes  (Dropped in 1953 Reintroduced as plastic only in 1958) Y 34 (5) N   Y 34
Red and white sleeves (Celluloid introduced October 1951) Y 16 Y   Y  
Red and white hoops (Celluloid introduced October 1951) Y ---- Y   Y 1969
Red Y 1 Y   Y  
Tangerine Y 13 Y   Y  
Green Y 15 Y   Y  
Green and white stripes (Celluloid introduced October 1951) Y ---- N   N 36
Green and White hoops Y 25 Y   Y  
Blue (Royal Blue in 1958) Y 2 Y   Y  
Blue and white hoops Y 11 Y   Y  
Claret and blue sleeves Y 7 Y   Y
Blue and white quarters. (card only in 1951) Y 12 Y   Y  
Blue and white halves (card only in 1951) Y ---- Y   Y 31
Tangerine and black sleeves (card only in 1951) Y ---- Y ---- N ----
White Y 21 Y   Y  
Green and white sleeves N ---- Y ---- Y 1965
Blue and white sleeves (Celluloid only in 1953) N 17 Y 17 Y  
Maroon N ---- N 27 Y 27
Sky Blue* N 5 N 5 Y 5
Black and white hoops (Plastic only in 1957-8) N ---- N ---- Y 1969
Blue and amber sleeves (Plastic only in 1957-8) N ---- N ---- Y ----

Obviously most of the teams correlated to a Subbuteo equivalent. The variations came in the more obscure kits. It's amusing to note that both Subbuteo and Newfooty have a black and white stripes, white shorts team early in their range, which is dropped in the early 1950s and then reintroduced.

Newfooty were first with the blue and white halved team (Subbuteo ref 31 added in 1955) and the green with white sleeves (NF 1953, Subbuteo ref 45 in 1965). They also had a green and white striped kit in 1951 (Bradford PA) but had dropped this by the time Subbuteo introduced it in the mid 1950s. Subbuteo's red and white hooped team had black shorts until the late 1960s, as did their black and white hooped side (ref 24), which Newfooty produced with white shorts in the late 1950s.

Subbuteo never featured the odd Tangerine with black sleeves outfit featured in Newfooty in both 1951 and 1953. Nor did it have an equivalent kit to the blue with amber sleeves team that appears in 1958. However, Subbuteo were first with blue with white sleeves (ref 17), and also Man City's sky blue, which did not arrive in Newfooty until the late 1950s.  The unusual Bradford City/Bradford Park Avenue colours are also missing from Newfooty, as are the gold and black hoops and stripes introduced for Scottish sides.

A selection of Newfooty player with black (and blue) shorts. 

Black Shorts Blue Shorts

Shirt colour

Subbuteo No.

Shirt Colour

Subbuteo No.
Black and white stripes 8 White 18
Red and white stripes 9 Blue and white stripes (features in 1951-52 but dropped 1953) 51 in 1969
Tangerine/Old Gold 6    
White 10    
Blue and white stripes (added by 1953) 22    
Old gold, blue sleeves. (added by 1957-8 but only in plastic) 26    

Un-Catalogued Teams.

This team is owned by Newfooty collector Simon Goodman, and is the first "non-catalogued" team that either of us have seen. (Of course, I haven't seen every catalogue, so I suppose it might be on one somewhere). With its yellow and white hoops, it is a very attractive kit, and unlike anything Subbuteo did. The thing is - who would have played in this?

Crestlin 3-D Colour List 1962-63


When Newfooty returned under the Crestlin moniker in the mid-1960s, the game had a new figure to deal with. As with Subbuteo, the Newfooty 3-D plastic figures needed to be painted. This gave Newfooty more flexibility as to what colours were available. The 1962-63 price list has a huge section on team colours. For the first time, these included team names alongside the colours, finally matching up to the Subbuteo lists. Oddly, some of the quirky Subbuteo colours transfer across. For example, the yellow and black striped team with white shorts is described as Barnet and Milan, and Brazil have blue sleeves and black shorts alongside Torquay. Was this copies from Subbuteo, or did both share a third source?

What is more interesting is the addition of lots of the smaller national teams. It is very surprising to see countries like India, Pakistan, Antilles, and Nicaragua being advertised in 1962. Reading football books of the era, it is rare for anyone to be interested in football this far from home. I own a World Cup book that includes all the qualifying, but few of these teams feature in either 1962 or 1958. I assume Newfooty had access to some form of official FIFA colours list?

I'm so impressed by these national sides, that I've highlighted all of them on the list below. I've also added a column to show the colours that were still available in card and celluloid. I make it twenty one sides still available this way.

Shirt Colour Shorts Teams Flats available? Subbuteo No
Red White Lots of teams! Yes 1
Red, white sleeve White Arsenal, Bournemouth, Rotherham, St Patricks, Stirling Albion Yes 16
Red and white stripe White Stoke Yes 3
Red Black Belgium, Spain, Yugoslavia   14
Red Blue Chile   48/67
Red and white stripe Black Lincoln City, Panama, Sheffield Utd, Sunderland, Southampton Yes 9
Red Black Albania (duplicates Belgium etc above)   14
Red and white hoop Black Hamilton   20
Maroon White Arbroath, Hearts, Hungary, Northampton, Stenhousemuir Yes 27
Claret, blue sleeves White Aldershot, Aston Villa, Burnley, Crystal Palace, West Ham Yes 7
Claret and amber stripe Black Bradford City, Motherwell   23
Sky blue and red stripe Sky Barcelona   19
Sky White Manchester City Yes 5
Blue Blue Salvador   ----
Blue White Lots. Includes Canada, India, Honduras and Japan Yes 2
Blue, white sleeves White Ipswich, Peterborough Yes 17
Blue and white hoop White Coleraine, Kilmarnock, Millwall, Morton, Racing Club Paris, Reading, QPR Yes 11
Blue and white stripe White Brighton, Colchester, Huddersfield, Oldham, West Brom Yes 3
Blue and white quarter White Bristol Rovers Yes 12
Blue and white half White Blackburn Rovers Yes 31
Blue Black Uruguay    
Blue and white stripe Black Argentina, Hartlepools, Sheffield Wednesday   22
Blue and white stripe Blue Nicaragua   Eventually 51
Sky and blue halves Black Bishop Auckland   33

At this point, the catalogue points out that "Other colours supplied in 3-D teams on request".

Shirt Colour Shorts Teams Flats available? Subbuteo No
Tangerine White Blackpool, Holland Yes 13
Tangerine Blue Antilles   47ish
Old gold (yellow) Black Brentford, Derry, Hull, Newport, Norwich, Oxford, Sweden, Southport, Watford, Wolves Yes 6
Old gold (yellow) blue sleeve Black Bangor, Drumcondra, Brazil, Torquay United Yes 26
Old gold, blue hoop Blue Ecuador   ----
Black and gold stripe White Barnet, Milan   35
Black and gold stripe Black East Fife, Port Vale   30
Old gold and black hoop White Alloa, Dumbarton   33
Black and white stripe White Juventus, Queens Park, St Mirren Yes 34
Black shirt White Morocco, New Zealand   ----
Black and white hoop Black Dundee United, East Stirling   24
Black and white stripe Black Dunfirmline, Grimsby, Newcastle, Notts County Yes 8
White shirt, red hoop White Peru, Turkey   ----
White White Airdrie, Bulgaria, Czech, Coventry, Pakistan, Portugal, Real Madrid, Red Banner, Rochdale, Swansea, Southend United Yes 21
White Black Austria, Ayr, Bolivia, Darlington, Derby, Fulham, Gateshead, Lebanon, Luton, Mansfield, Distillery, Dundalk, England, Stockport Co, West Germany   10
White Red Poland   39
White Navy Bolton, Bury, Colombia, East Germany, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Preston NE, Tottenham, USA, Waterford Yes 18ish
White Green Iraq   ----
White Gold Ghana   ----
Green White Chester, Cork Athletic, Eire, Egypt, Hibernian, Iran, Mexico, Plymouth, S. Africa, S. Rhodesia, Sudan   15ish
Green and white stripe White Bradford Yes 36
Green and white hoop White Celtic, Shamrock Rovers   25
Red and yellow hoop White Partick Thistle   29


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