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or 90 Years of Table Football.

Part 4: Newfooty Accessory Lists.

When I only had the details from the 1953-54 price list, it seemed logical to squeeze this into the history pages. Now things have become more complicated by further lists, I figured I'd let them breathe with a page of their own. 

Like Subbuteo, Newfooty was only available via mail-order in the 1950s, so the sets were always supplied with a retail price list for the extra teams and accessories. This is obviously a great help to collectors. However, Newfooty lists are a little more haphazard than Peter Adolph's game. For a start, the team colours did not have reference numbers, or any indication of which teams they represented. The component range was listed with numbers, but unfortunately these were not consistent. The balls that were reference number 9 in 1951 were 16 in 1952, and 12 in 1956. Confused? Certainly. 

February 2022: I've further split out the Newfooty team lists onto a new page.

The Pre-War Price List.

I've seen one example and that was undated, but at least it gives a flavour. At this time, the list was not numbered, and the game and component lists were not separate. There were thirteen coloured teams available. There are no extra components beyond the items in the box set, but it is interesting that you could purchase a single based player, a pair of players with painted bases, or three unbased players (cardboard being the only option at this point).

The basic wire and cardboard goals. Available until the early 1950s.

  Cost Post
Ordinary Game. 22 Players (Plain bases) goals, ball and fixture card. 2/- 3d
De-Luxe game. 22 Players (coloured bases), best enamelled goals, balls and fixture cards. 3/6 3.5d
Goals. Wire and Green and White cardboard (a pair) 3d 2d
Goals. Perforated zinc, Enamelled. 6d 2.5d
Goals. Perforated zinc and wood, Enamelled 10d 2.5d
Goalkeepers, plain bases 3.5d 1.5d
Goalkeepers, coloured bases 4d "
Teams. 10 Players - plain bases, colours as selected. (a set) 9d "
Teams. 10 Players. coloured bases, colours as selected. 1/- "
Men complete - plain bases, colour selected. Each 1d "
Ditto - Coloured bases, colour selected. Two for... 2.5d "
Cardboard figures, colour selected. Three for... 1d "
Balls. 2 for... 1.5d "
Fixture Cards 3 for... 1d "
"Newfooty Boxes" Each. 3d "

Lists used for the tables below include:-

The 1951-52 Retail Price List - Components.

A list with fifteen references from the era of slotted bases and balancing discs. There is a great range of goals, and 23 team colours.

The 1953-54 Retail Price List - Components.

This is an interesting item because it shows how confusing production was at this crucial stage of the battle with Subbuteo. At first glance, a 25 item accessory list looks fairly exciting, but by the time all the different figure/base types are taken into consideration, there are very few extras. By contrast, the Subbuteo price list of the same season has the score recorder, the time keeper, and team carrying boxes.

The 1957-58 Retail Price List - Components.

This is thankfully a more simplified list, as all the previous bases had been replaced by a new type (the one where the rim had a prominent lip). An abbreviated list from 1955-56 suggests that this easier to manage range was in place by that date. 

The Season 1958-59 and 1960-61 Table Soccer Components

More abbreviated lists have been seen, which lose references 14, 18, 19 and 20, although it does say a full list is available on request. Thankfully, the other numbers stay the same through this late period of the Newfooty Company.

The 1962-63 and 1963-64 Price Lists - Replacements and Accessories.

These two lists show the accessories that were available when Newfooty returned in the mid-1960s under the Crestlin Limited name. These lists get complicated again, due to the arrival of the 3-D playing figure. Once again, everything has been renumbered. As the tables were getting complicated enough, the Crestlin items have their own tables under the relevant sections. This knocks their numbers out of sequence a little, but hopefully it all still makes sense.

The lists and comparisons with Subbuteo.

Just to make things a little more interesting, I've added a column to show comparable prices from the 1953-54 Subbuteo catalogue. Obviously the items are not identical, but I've tried to match like with like. For instance, I've compared Subbuteo's cheap wire goals with the basic card ones from Newfooty, and the lovely metal deluxe Subbuteo goal with Newfooty's plastic equivalent. On the whole, Subbuteo is slightly more expensive, although there is not much in it.

The Newfooty prices shown in the third column come from the 1953 list, except where the item wasn't available at that time. However, none of the prices actually change between 1951 and 1958.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
1 1 ---- Set of 11 attractive football figures including goalkeeper, printed on transparent plastic. State alternative colours if first choice out of stock. For use with balancing discs and lead bases.
Figures are in varied active positions and stand out prominently against the strong transparent background of uniform shape and size.
---- 2 1 Set of 11 attractive football figures including goalkeeper, printed on transparent plastic. Punched out in sheet form State alternative colours. Mark order clearly "1953 type" For plastic bases only 2s 3d 2s 7d
2 3 2 Set of eleven cardboard figures 9d 1s 2d


The delightful celluloid referee set, and similar in card.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
---- ---- 3 Set of referee, 2 linesmen and 2 deputy goalkeepers punched out in sheet plastic. Figures only. (1s 2d)  
3 4 4 Set of cardboard referee, linesmen and spare goalkeeper 5d  
4 5 ---- Set of 11 slotted lead bases 1s  
5 6 ---- Set of 11 plastic balancing discs for use with Ref 1 celluloid figures 1s 6d  
---- 7 ---- Set of 11 rubber balancing discs for use with ref 3 cardboard figures 1s 3d  
---- 8 5* Set of 11 moulded plastic bases with balancing units fitted internally, 1953 type - very latest. 3s 2s 11d
---- ---- 6 Set of five plastic bases for use with ref 3 and 4.  (1s 6d)  
6 9 ---- Complete team of celluloid figures, plastic balancing discs and slotted bases 4s 6d  
---- 10 7 Complete team of 1953 type plastic figures and moulded plastic bases with balancing units fitted internally. Very latest table soccer men 5s 3d  
7 11 ---- Complete team of cardboard figures, discs and lead bases 3s  
---- 12 8 Complete team of cardboard figures and moulded plastic bases with balancing units fitted internally 3s 9d 3s 6d
8 13 ---- Complete set of referee, 2 linesmen and 2 spare goalkeepers in cardboard, balancing discs and lead bases 1s 3d 1s 2d for refs only.
---- ---- 9 Complete set of plastic referee, 2 linesmen and 2 deputy goalkeepers with plastic bases (2s 8d)  
---- ---- 10 Complete set of cardboard referee, 2 linesmen and 2 deputy goalkeepers with plastic bases (1s 11d)  
10 14 ---- Goalkeeper wires - old type for use with ref Nos 9 and 11 (per pair)
These wires clip around the goalkeeper figure.
---- 15 11 Goalkeeper wires 0 new type for use with ref No 10 and 12 (1953 refs)
These wires plug into a hole in the back of the base as with Subbuteo.

* The standard bases (ref 5 in 1956-58) had been redesigned from the 1953 version.

The Crestlin Price Lists (1962-63 and 1963-64)


April 2021: A full Crestlin set went through ebay earlier this year, and among the pictures was the Crestlin price list for 1963-64, which seems to be the final year that Crestlin items were produced. I had previously seen the set details for this year, but this new information gave references for the separate teams and bases. As usual with Newfooty, everything has been renumbered, so I have added this further table - here and in the history on New Footy page 2.

The card figures appear to be the same price as in Newfooty days, whereas the celluloid figures have seen an increase (and the bases seem to be cheaper). It was cheaper to buy a set of unpainted 3D figures than a set of celluloid players.

Ref No 1963/64 Description Price 1963
1 Set of 11 plastic, self balancing bases with fitted stabilisers. For use with Refs 2, 3 and 4 2s 9d
2 Set of 11 card-board figures, in sheet form, punched out. 9d
3 Set of 11 all-action celluloid plastic figures, in sheet form, punched out ready for use. 3s 3d
3-D Set of 11, plain 3-D figures for self painting. 3s
4 Set of 11 three-dimensional moulded plastic figures, hand-painted. Sensational addition to our range. Available in any requested coloures. A "Must for all soccer enthusiasts. 4s 11d

Ref No 1962-63 Description Price 1963
5 Complete cardboard team - figures and bases 3/6
6 Complete celluloid team - figures and bases 6/0
7 Complete plastic 3D team and bases. Fully assembled in presentation box (Shown above). Available from September 1962. 9/3
8 Complete set of celluloid referee, 2 linesmen, 2 goalkeepers, and bases 2/11
13 Goalkeeper wires per pair 3d


The early Newfooty sets have two-tone coloured balls, or the plain ones shown.

The later Newfooty sets had much smaller balls than Subbuteo. These were actually smaller than the medium size Subbuteo ball used today, but bigger than the small Subbuteo ball (set FF). Shown above is a two panelled ball as featured in Subbuteo sets of the period (and some Newfooty sets) plus two Newfooty balls from a 1958 deluxe set.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
9 16 12 Balls 11/16" Plastic 3 for 9d 2 for 1s
9 16 ---- 1" Celluloid, brown moulded and panelled 2 for 10d ----
9 ---- ---- 1" Celluloid, second quality. 3 for 9d ----
---- ---- 13 Balls. Panelled celluloid, brown. Possible the same as the 1" ball shown as part of ref 16 in 1953, but with a new price. (2 for 1s)  

In the Crestlin era, the following two balls were offered -

Ref 1962-64

  Price 1962-63
11 Panelled ball 3/4" - celluloid for advanced players. Brown/white. 8d
12 Plastic ball 11/16" Tangerine/white. (Assuming this is the usual ball previously sold in a pack of three) 4d


Newfooty sets always included a fixture card.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
11 17 14 Fixture cards for recording results (3 for 6d in 1951). Not on abbreviated lists after 1956. 6 for 11d  
---- 17a 15 Fixture cards for recording results (larger) 4 for 11d 4 for 11d

In the Crestlin era, Fixture cards were priced singularly at 3d. They were reference 16.

The simple Newfooty surround, which was also included in the bigger sets.
The L-shaped end of the clip has a small hole in it, through which the cord is threaded. 

The plastic tubing from the late 1950s included the same clips.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
12 ---- ---- Table clips and boundary tape to prevent ball and men from frequently falling off the table, also goalclips for securing goals to cloth.
Boundary tape was introduced in October 1948.
The box sets of this vintage had "plastic piping" as a surround. I'm not sure how this "tape differs to that. The plastic piping is probably the same as the cheap 16a option from 1956.
2s 6d  
---- 18 16 8 Table clips, boundary cord and goal clips. 3s 6d 3s 6d
---- ---- 16a 4 table clips and plastic tubing. The tubing just replaces the cord, and is thin, hollow and white. It is thinner than the tube supplied in Subbuteo Speedway. It looks like electrical wire without the inner core.
(2s 0d)  

Crestlin offered "boundary table clips and elastic" as Set 17 for 2/11d

Goals listed as reference 13 in 1951, with the enamelled metal front shown both separated and attached.
These robust goals are one of the best sets Newfooty produced.

An alternate pair of 1950s goals still unassembled (and then as an assembled pair).
The wooden bases on these goals made them more stable than the usual extruded rod version, although both types appear in sets of this period. 

The most common Newfooty goal of the 1950s are the "extruded rod" set.
The metal back bar gives good stability, but they do look flimsy.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
13 19 ---- Goals. Cardboard overprinted with netting in Green. White enamelled metal fronts. (Pair) 2s 6d 1s 2d (plus 1s 2d for nets)
13 ---- ---- Goals. Improved type made of copper covered wire with green netting and white enamelled metal fronts. Very strong. 5s 6d  
13 ---- ---- Goals. Wooden frames with wire supports covered with green netting - hand made. 5s 6d  
---- 20 17 Goals. moulded plastic, fitted nets, perfectly formed from extruded rod. (Pair) 6s 5s 3d
14 21 18 Corner Flags. Wire with miniature flags, to fit onto table. (Set of four). Not available in 1958-59 1s 1s 9d for 6

The similar Crestlin products are as shown here.

Ref No 1962/63


Price 1962-63
9 All plastic goals and nets 5/11
10 Plastic framed goals and fitted cotton nets (** available from 1st September 1962) 5/11
15 Corner flags. Set of four. 1/3
20 Combined corner kick tees and corner flags. Set of 4 plus 1 free kick and goal kick tee. 2/11

The attractive "green" handbook from 1958.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
15 22 19 "NEWFOOTY" HANDBOOK with complete rules for playing table soccer with self-balancing men and hints to players 9d 1s
15 23 20 Complete rules in leaflet form 3d  
---- ---- 21 Special cement for assembling teams etc. (4d)   
---- 24 22 Marked out pitch printed on green baize of 1st class quality. To fit table measuring 5' by 3' (The best quality pitch is advertised as fitting a table 5' by 2'6" in 1958, although the price is the same).  19s 11d  20s 5d
---- ---- 22a Marked out pitch on green baize. Second quality. To fit table measuring 5'x3' and/or 5'x2'6". Useful if you have one of those narrow dining tables that were a curse for many Subbuteo players! (17s)  
---- 25 ---- Two spare plastic goalkeepers mounted in distinctive 1953 plastic bases 11d 1s 2d
---- ---- 23  Pocket size "Newfooty" boxes for containing game  (11d)  
---- ---- 24 "Newcrikit" By far the best game of table cricket available. (19s 11d)  

The 1953 list also states that "Newfooty boxes are not sold separately. Small plaques and silver medals can be supplied. Plain cloths are available;  prices on request." Note that Newfooty boxes were offered separately in the 1930s. Clearly people were still requesting them.

The Crestlin list from 1962-63 had 27 items available, including a silver medallion that might match the earlier one. What is noticeable is just how many of these extra items are familiar from Subbuteo price lists.

Ref No 1962/63


Price 1962-63
14 Tubes of cement for assembly. 4d
18 Newfooty Handbook. 1/
19 Rules in leaflet form. 4d
21 Set of goal-holding fitments 2/11d
22 Full Size (66"x36") baize football pitch 21/6d
23 Very slightly imperfect version of the ref 22 pitch 18/11d
24 Newfooty lapel badges. Blue and gold enamelled broach fitting. 1/6d
25 "Victory" EPNS cup with plinth (3.25 inch) 13/11d
26 "Victory" EPNS cup with plinth (4.75 inch) 22/6d
27 Silver footballer medallion 12/6d

As the details of both accessories and teams have grown, so follow the Newfooty team lists links to find the many kits that were produced for this game.

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