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Delacoste and French Production.

Page 2: Boxed sets and accessories.

This page looks at the box sets and accessories sold in France in the Delacoste era. 

The letters A,B and D, denote which items appear in which of the three catalogues Please note that I do not have the box set or accessory details from the "C" catalogue at present.

The Range.

Boxed Editions. 

As mentioned in the introduction, the French used the English boxes, which is why no French editions of note have appeared on my International box sets page. However, what the French catalogues do have are wonderful pictures of the standard box sets, displaying the layers and the contents as with the above picture of the Munich set. Some of these picture do now appear on my English box sets pages.

The "blue catalogue" and catalogue "A" both shows all the sets in their early 1970s versions, and these then switch to the later boxes in the catalogues indicated. However, the World Cup edition remains as the 1974 version, and not the 1978 set. The Display Edition gains the new box in catalogue "B", before the other sets switch, and then gains a pitch (and a new reference number) in catalogue "C". This makes it a simple flag set away from being a Club Edition.

In the MAKO S.A. catalogue of 1982-83, the full series of monochrome-logo sets were illustrated with the following new numbers. Note the completely bizarre order for these sets.

The Accessories (Accessoires)


I've given the names of these accessories in French and English, and then linked to the relevant section in the standard accessory list. These originally started at 656.202, but the "B" catalogue back fills towards the box set numbers.

The only item that appears in the "A" catalogue, and is subsequently dropped is the Jules Rimet trophy, which had been replaced in real life for the 1974 World Cup anyway. The number for this item (656.322) is the only one to be reused in these catalogues, becoming the number transfers in catalogue "D".

For the Match Scoreboard (Tableau d'affichage) a separate sheet of names was produced for the French teams.

March 2005: I've added the numbers from the blue catalogue to the relevant accessories (just the fence, goalkeepers, continental footballs, pitch, scoreboard, and floodlights). The only accessory from the blue period to not make it was the original sized balls, which were ref 5722. The white balls with black spots were described as "pour match TV". Unlike the team range, the blue numbers have no bearing on the later numbering system for accessories.
November 2023: Please note that the 1981 Delacoste catalogue switched to the standard British Cxxx reference numbers. However, in 1983 new distributor MAKO decided the whole thing needed another re-number. At present that is beyond the scope of this page!

Number French name. Catalogue English version.
656.182 Banc des entraîneurs  (B, D) C139 Trainer's bench set
656.192 Spectateurs  (B, D) C141 Spectators.
656.202 Training Kit "A" (A, B) C124 Target Board
656.212 Training Kit "B"  (A, B) C125 Goalkeeper Training Board
656.222 Gardien (5721 in the "blue catalogue") (A, B, D) C102 Diving goalkeepers.
656.232  Stade  (B, D) C140 Stadium Grandstand
656.242 Petit Ballon blanc. (New in catalogue A) (A, B, D) Set F/C145 Small balls.
656.252 Ballon Nocturne (originally 5726) (A, B, D) C127 Continental balls (white with spots).
656.262  Ballon jaune (A, B, D) C121 Match balls (yellow with spots).
656.272 Drapeaux Corner et Touche (A, B, D) C117 Pitch flags.
656.282 Joueur de Corner (A, B, D) C131 Corner kickers.
656.292 Joueur de Touche (A, B, D) C132 Throw-in figures.
656.302 Tour de Télévision  (A, B, D) C110 Television Tower.
656.312 Coupe d'Europe (A, B, D) C118 European Championship Trophy
656.322 Coupe du Monde  (A) C119 Jules Rimet Trophy.
655.322 Dossarts Adhesifs  (D) C129 Number Transfers.
656.332 Buts de Football (A, B, D)  In "A" these are C122 Fixture type goals.
In "B" and "C" they are C130 World Cup goals.
656.342 Arbitre 2 juges de touche (B, D) C107 Ref and linesmen (h/w on bases)
656.352 Tableau d'affichage (originally 5724) (A, B, C) C115 Match scoreboard (brown) was set Z
656.362 Protographers Entraîneur Manager (B, C) C104 Photographers, Trainer, Manager. 
Cat."B" - Old Set. Cat. "A" - New Set.
656.372 Barrières Football  (originally 5720) (A, B, D)  C108 Plastic Fence Surround (green)
656.382 Éclairage (originally 5725) (A, B, D)  C101 Floodlight Pylon
656.392 Tapis (originally 5723) (A, B, D) C109 Pitch
  Teams start at 656.402    

Additional sets from Catalogue "D" in the 657.xx2 range....

Number French name. Catalogue English version.
657.502 Ambulanciers/Policiers (D) C113 Ambulancemen and  Policemen set.
657.512 Ramasseurs de balles (D) C134 Ball Boys.
657.522 V.I.P. (Personnalités importantes) (D) C135 VIP Set.
657.532 Gardiens de but interchangeables (D) C133 6 interchangeable goalkeepers
657.542 Tribune droite (D) C142 Stadium terracing (brown)
657.552 Tribune d'angle (D) C143 Stadium terrace Corner piece

Rugby Numbers and Accessories.

France was one of the few international markets where the rugby game could be marketed and sold in any great numbers, although the Italians did also attempt to sell it.

Number French name. Catalogue English version.
656.802 International Rugby Edition. (A, B, D)  
656.812 Scrummer d'introduction (D) RS - Scrummer.
656.822 Tapis (D) RM - Pitch.
656.832 Buts de Rugby (A, B, D) RN - Rugby Goals.
856.842 Joueur de transformation (A, B, D) RK - Kicker.
856.852 Ballon Rugby (A, B, D) RF - Rugby Balls.
856.862 Blank??    
856.872 Barrières Rugby (A, B, D) RR - Fence Surround.
  656.882 - 656.972 Rugby Teams.    

Please look at the Delacoste team range page to find out about the rugby kits that were sold in France. 

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