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Table Cricket.

Accessories for flats 1949-1964.

This is a page about a range that I didn't think existed until recently. So many thanks to Stuart Smith for sending scans of the relevant price lists.

In truth, this range was less interesting than the football lists of the era, because it was really just a chance to buy replacements for the box set. However, a pair of sightscreens do sneak onto the list later on. Unlike the football, or the later cricket accessories, there is no fancy numbering system here. The lists is just 1-12 (and later 1-14). Stuart kindly sent copies of two price lists - 1949 and 1961-62. So I've included the prices from both lists. Obviously being an era of minimal inflation, the costs didn't change much in these 12 years, with some prices even going down. The only prices to rise significantly were for the cloth pitches.

Accessory  1949 1962

 1.  Complete game in box together with full assembling instructions, score sheets and Rules of play.
This was the small "Popular" edition of the game.

10s 1d 10s 6d

 2. Complete game in box containing special fielding set (including bowler) and special batsmen and umpire set, stamped out in unbreakable celluloid material, together with score sheet and rules of play.
The mid-sized "Combination" edition.

14s 3d 14s 6d
3. Fielding team sheet, including bowler, wicketkeeper and 9 fielder bases and 1 gummed identification sheet.
The lovely card illustrated figures are slightly different than the celluloid ones.

Less useful than the football numbers and positions, the identification sheet here just has squares A-I, which could be coded to "represent a favourite cricketer". 

3s 3d 3s 6d
4. Batsmen and umpire team sheet, including bats, together with bases.

As with the fielders, there are some lovely movement lines on the illustrations. I don'tt fancy playing with a card bat though.
1s 10d 1s 9d
5. Two Sets stumps, bails and rests.
The bails were very small yellow plastic sticks.
2s 9d 2s 8d
6. Four red celluloid cricket balls. 1s 1s
7. Two wicket "stops"
These were thin transparent green plastic in this version
1s 3d 1s 2d
8. Three score sheets. 1s 3d 1s 2d
9. Special batsman and umpire figures (including bats) stamped out in an unbreakable celluloid material.
There were two different batsmen, and two different umpires. 
1s 10d 1s 9d
10. Special fieldsmen figures including bowler, stamped out in an unbreakable celluloid material.

The fielder in the middle is the special "catching" fielder. The batsman was caught out automatically if the ball hit this figure.
2s 9d 2s 8d
11. Green baize cloth for converting into a cricket playing pitch 54" x 36" 13s 6d 21s 6d
12. Green baize playing pitch cloth of a superior quality and imprinted with the pattern of a cricket pitch (boundary, bowling and popping crease limes) 54" x 36" 18s 4d 21s 11d
Sets 11 and 12 consist of materials which have been specially selected as being the ideal surfaces on which to play the Subbuteo "table cricket" game. The "marked out" playing pitch (set 12) is a very handsome article. Why not ask your friends to go "SHARES" with you for one?
13. Pair of sight screens
This is the one 1950s accessory that is not part of the original box set. I had seen a set in a batch of cricket accessories on ebay sometime ago, and I had saved off a picture figuring that they might be genuine.... but I can't seem to find it! But imagine a piece of white material (card?) supported by two of the metal flag posts from "Set T" in the football range.
---- 2s 4d
14. One bat with base. One bowler figure with base.
---- 1s 4d

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