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What's Old? Website Updates 2000-2018

The Subbuteo part of my website has taken on a life of its own. This is where I used to try to keep track of it.

May 2018.

There are always extra things to learn about Subbuteo....

November 2017

As regulars will have noticed, the site is currently having one of its periodic hiatuses, as real life gets in the way of my free time, and all my energies are diverted elsewhere. Please note that e-mails are being answered very erratically (if at all).

A reminder too, that I still do not have broadband at home, and so modern digital camera pictures are far too big for me to download. This is why none of the pictures on the website are over 100k, and why the site is not at the cutting edge of design. (the 1990s called, and they want their website back.....). A very big thank you to the usual suspects who continue to send in pictures of new stuff despite the lack of activity on the site.

Still, over the summer I've repainted the back porch, and our vegetable plot cropped well. In the meantime, the website fees are paid for another couple of years, so enjoy the scary amount of Subbuteo knowledge that is already here, and I'll see if I get time to add more over the winter.

October 2017.

I've just had to amend the above header from February 2017, which was when this small update was due to be added.

There might be more.... but I'm not confident I did anything else to the site at the start of the year....

February 2016.

Lots of new stuff to cover.....

Summer 2015.

Just a few quick bits of housekeeping....

Spring 2015.

Autumn 2014
Welcome to the Subbuteo Tribute website's 15th anniversary year. A slightly scary figure - I've never even managed to keep a job that long.

Sadly this is another delayed update. It was all but finished as a Spring update, but has sat unloved on my hard drive for the whole summer. Apologies are also due if you are awaiting an e-mail from me. I'm not online very much at present, and the e-mails have been piling up. Also, please be reminded that I do not have Broadband, and that e-mails larger than 1mb in size cannot be easily collected (if at all). I'm afraid my technology is still very 20th Century. Still the website fees have been paid for a couple more years, so there's scope for more updates in the future.....

Netcam Subbuteo 2012 onwards - More of the teams are pictured, and some of the accessories. Thanks to Rui and Ashley for their help.
Subbuteo Production 2002 onwards.... - A new Italian Parkwork has been launched. Thanks to Fabrizio Frazzoni for the Liverpool team and Riccardo Bertani for the pictures and info.
Parodi teams P-Z; Parodi late arrivals - Foolishly, I'd started to illustrate the rest of the black box ranges from 2003-05. An unbelievable number of teams for such a short period in Subbuteo's history. I've not finished this, but at least it is a starting point....

Elsewhere on the site....
Heavys 201-300 - A lovely picture of a ref 213 from John Briggs reminded me that this page hadn't been updated for a while. Five teams now have new pictures.
Racing Games - A colour picture of the cyclist from Ashley Hemming made me update this one. Extra pictures and details have also been added.
Misc Page 1 - A Journey into Space badge, the rest of the home international team badges, and more on rosettes.
Heavys 300+ others More named box team details, and Dumbarton arrives....
Heavys 1-100 - A couple of extra pictures, and the text tidied up a bit.
Other tabletop footie games. - A soccerette badge and a couple more Pro Action teams have arrived.
There are probably a few other things as well.


More Maidenhead Swapmeet pictures.

Summer 2013
Netcam Subbuteo 2012 onwards - New page. A work in progress showing the new range of Subbuteo. I'm hoping to illustrate the rest of the ranges shortly....
La Leggenda Partwork - Well, this was another work in progress until Rui at Mad About Games helped out. Now over 90% illustrated.
Shop Displays - A 1969 card window display, and the counter display for the Trophy Trail are the recent additions here (thanks to Ashley Hemmings).
Misc Page2 - Regular helper Karl Warelow will be relieved to find the Nintendo DS Subbuteo game finally has a mention.....
Accessories C111-C120 - Even better than that. Rejoice in the fact that the C115 Subbuteo tie finally has a picture.
C121-C139 - The C128 FA Cup now has the rarer "monochrome logo" box illustrated. Thanks to Steve Gladwell for this one.
Subbuteo flyers - A 1981 flyer from "Waddingtons International Ltd".
Accessories C101-C110 - A few more of the 1960s bagged accessories are illustrated. This is more of Ashely Hemmings' hard work!
A-Z range (N-Z) - The (kitchen) timer gets a couple more illustrations including a box.

Spring 2013
More old Subbuteo? Oh go on then.....
International box sets - More details of the "Holdson" New Zealand set, and a Cola Cao set from Spain. Both of an early 1980s vintage.
New Footy page 2 - Three rather lovely Newfooty Players Assn (NPA) badges are now illustrated.

December 2012
A few things that were forgotten in the Summer Update.
Subbuteo in the 1940s - The original "Advanced Table Soccer" leaflet is now illustrated, and described. The Super Assembled Set has been added to the bottom of the page, as evidence that it was available through this period has come to light.
Subbuteo flyers - Two more box set adverts (and a 1950s cricket flyer). Thanks (as always!) to Ashley Hemmings.
International box sets - An Australian Murfett set is now illustrated. The page has been restructured, so that it is alphabetical by country. Not sure if this helps or not..... (Thanks to Paul Hindmarsh for the new photo).
Odds and Ends Page - Has a "professional quartz timer" that is Subbuteo badged, but looks far from official... This was another Stefanos Kouratzis photo.
Heavys 300+ others - I've finally remembered to add the "Special Service" leaflet, which allowed retailers to request specially painted teams in batches of fifty. This probably explains the weird named-box teams, a few more of which have been added (Thanks Jon Rosten)
C170-C193 - C171 (the single floodlight) now has the (rather lovely) box illustrated
C140-C169 - Proof that Set C144 (the large size ball) did get released as 61144 at the end of its run.
Rival games 1980s-90s - I've scanned in a few more of the lovely mid-1990s teams for Pro-Action Football. Details of any other Premiership sides would be welcome.
Italian Production - The puzzle of the Italian ref 512 is solved thanks to Alessio Vergani and Carlo Perugini. Another heavyweight variation for those still counting......

I hope to add more of the new Subbuteo in 2013. I haven't had time to get online to find all the team details and pictures. Sadly, the teams do not seem to be appearing in the High Street, so online shopping is the best bet. Don't forget to check the Modern Subbuteo Production page for Christmas ideas. Alternatively, treat yourself to a Limited Edition 2013 Hot Flicks table soccer glamour calendar, whilst wondering if these ladies really are members of the Worthing Five-Star football league (clue - they're not).

Summer 2012.
A summer update for October! Not helped by my computer monitor slowly dying over the summer.....
The new Subbuteo sets have arrived at Tesco super stores, at a reasonable price (20), so I've been able to afford one*.
2012 Subbuteo Team Edition shows the contents of the new set along with the usual waffle from me.
Card and Celluloid teams - Mike Hyatt has kindly provided extra scans for this page, so all the figures are finally shown in celluloid, and the card figure illustrations have expanded. There are no longer any of my "faked up" illustrations left on this page.
Catalogues - Japan & NZ - Two wonderful catalogues, showing how far Subbuteo spread at its height. We have a Japanese catalogue from the mid-1970s, and a New Zealand one circa 1981. I'm aware that foreign catalogues have not been covered in any great detail here, but I'm not sure how many appendices to the catalogue pages will get done.
Box sets 1970-80 - A strange variation which may have you scrambling to check your sets. Do you have a keeper with a green plastic rod in your 1970s International Edition? A variation box insert found by Karl Warelow.
Misc Page 1 - Karl Warelow is the latest person to send me the 1970s A-Z team chart, which somehow never finds its way into the range... In correcting this oversight, I've managed to add a few pictures by Stefanos Kouratzis to the same page, which means that there are now proper pictures of the Football Favor statue, and of the EPNS cups. More Stefanos pictures to be added soon.

*After I produced this update, the sets were reduced by Tesco to 7. So I could actually afford two.... Not a great sign of confidence in Subbuteo, although the set still seems to be 39.99 in Argus and Toys-R-Us.

April 2012 - The old and the new.
The new Subbuteo arrived in March 2012, and so this (sadly rather rushed) update features some of the most modern Subbuteo items. Fittingly, it also features the oldest Subbuteo item, with the first pictures I've seen of the original 1947 box set with its Woolworths button bases. More details of both these things soon (hopefully).
This update is dedicated to all the players and collectors I met at the Maidenhead Subbuteo Swapmeet in March.
Subbuteo in the 1940s - As mentioned, the original March 1947 set is now illustrated. A big thank you to StJohn Stimson who sent this in.
Subbuteo Production in the 21st Century - Thanks to the Maidenhead event, I've been able to add some of the new Subbuteo, and update the details of many other modern table soccer products, like the Italian Partwork, Santiago, and Zeugo. Lots of great things to spend your money on.

February 2012
2012 will hopefully be an exciting one for Subbuteo, with new licenced production of the game, and hopefully a return to European toyshops. The game was demonstrated at the London Toy Fair on 24th January, aided by John Barnes (See The Sun's website). The official launch date for the UK for these new sets is 5th March, and apparently you can pre-order on Amazon now. There's also an official facebook site. 
In the meantime, here's the first part of this year's updates - although oddly none of these items are actually Subbuteo. Fear not though, Subbuteo goodies are on their way....
Newfooty - Opening a can of worms, this page now has a war time set illustrated. Thanks to Paul Woodhouse
Keeling Games - More war based gaming, as the Targette game is illustrated and explained.
Other tabletop footie games - Pleasingly un-war related, Germany's classic football game "Tipp-Kick" gets a more detailed treatment. Thanks to Ameen Muhairez for translating some important football gaming history.

March 2011
Old heavyweights - Ref 38, and the black shorts version of ref 40 are now illustrated. Thanks to Ian Hare and Will Pike.
Heavys 300+ others - The named box Mansfield is now illustrated. Thanks to Francesco Pio Lucente.
Cricket Accessories - A rather lovely find this. Sky blue batsmen for the floodlit cricket game, painted but never released. Thanks to Jon Rosten for this one.
Card and Celluloid teams - An improved picture of the un-catalogued "Walsall" claret and blue hoop team, thanks to Mike Hyatt.

February 2011
Just a couple more things....
Team boxes Appendix - This page had been in need of updating for some time. More details and variations of box types, with extra pictures.
Heavys 300+ others - Sees a new team in the named box section. A Halifax Town from 1970-71 found by James Sheldon.
Old heavyweights - A picture of a white ref 54 Plymouth arrives. Although this team is rather late in date to appear on the short-sleeved figure, several collectors seem to own this team, and the one illustrated did not look obviously repainted when I studied it close up. One of those teams you need to make your own mind up on.....
Photoreal Subbuteo 2005-07 - Thanks to Nicolas Papadopoulos, the third (and perhaps final) version of the Dream Team stadium is now illustrated.

January 2011
A few more minor updates including -
A spotting of a Welsh badge, means the Gummed International Emblem sheet finally has a picture on the misc page. Now, does anyone have the full sheet? Thanks to Jon Rosten for this one.
There are new pictures and details for Sport Billy on the Five-a-side editions page.
There is a boxed Crestlin 3D Newfooty team illustrated on New Footy page 2
The Other tabletop footie games page has details of variant "Big League" games - Junior League, and Five-a-side Soccer.
Keeling Games now has more details of the Pel-Mel steeplechase game. (Thanks to Trevor Smith, and Paul Woodhouse).
The A-Z range (N-Z) now has pictures for Set X: Croid Glue. Thanks to Ashley Hemming for the details of this set.

September 2010
Subbuteo flyers - This page has a few more flyers from Ashley Hemming's wonderful collection.
Accs61222-61240 - A 1995 catalogue has come to light which fills in a few more of the empty accessory numbers in the 61229-235 range. Basically, the accessories sold in packs for the Euro 96 and Premiership ranges were originally due to be released separately. Also, check out the cassette tape in reference 61126 on the same page. How odd.

June 2010 - A spring clean.
Having been made redundant late last year (not for the first time!), I've managed to find a bit of time for a website spring clean. Thanks for this update should go mainly to Ashley Hemming, who sent me copies of lots of old Subbuteo paperwork, and a bumper lot of extra pictures, that have rekindled my enjoyment of working on this site. Big thanks also to Dave Croucher, who supplied me with lots of ETSA paperwork, and memories, and also to the other members of the Worthing Five-Star club, who are always happy for me to photograph stuff for the website, even when it interferes with their kick-off times....

Okay, lets start with the new pages
Subbuteo Assns intro; The ETSA in the 1970s; The FISA and FISTF - A three page history of Subbuteo playing (mainly) in the UK. It's quite brief, but hopefully covers the main points. Finishes with a brief guide to "professional" bases.
TAF 4-2-4 - Inventor Tom Waterman kindly wrote to me with some extra details about this wonderful little football game. I felt it deserved its own page, and I've added more photos, mainly from my own collection.
Subbuteo in the 1940s - A brief summary of the early years of Subbuteo, and what arrived when. A lot of guesswork, but hopefully it will get better. If anyone has the original "button bases" set, then I'd love to see pictures.
Marks and Spencer Set - A lovely set from last christmas, plus pictures of most of the other tat produced to go with it....
Photoreal Subbuteo 2005-07 - This version of Subbuteo seems to have ceased, so this page summarizes what was produced.
Zeugo Superfooty etc - The "clones" pages have been split. This one deals with the modern football clone games, that have box sets. Zeugo, Superfooty, Soccer 3D, and Total Soccer.
Cricket Clones - Capri Knockout cricket, and Wicketz have been joined by Anchorman.
Subbuteo flyers - Not technically a new page, but much changed, with lots more flyers.

The Accessory lists have had a big spring-clean. Much of it was written a decade ago, and for some time I've been keeping a folder on my PC with pictures of the different boxes for each accessory. I've tried to add a lot of this to the website. Also, my new(ish) camera has been working overtime improving the pictures of accessories. The main result of this is a split for the C100-C120 page. Accessories C101-C110 and Accessories C111-C120 are the result. There are several new items on the miscellaneous pages. Other products dotted around the site have better/more pictures too. Have fun poking around, and see what you can find....

2 September 2009: My usually reliable hosts (freeola) have had technical problems, resulting in the loss of the Subbuteo Tribute from their server. I am in the process of putting it back, but I am not currently on Broadband and the website is suitably large and therefore slow to upload. All the pages/text should be back by the time you read this, but most of the pictures will be missing, unless your computer is storing them in your temporary internet folder (if this is the case, thanks for being a frequent visitor!). The pictures should start reappearing over the next few days. Please bear with me.

10 April 2009: I've also managed a quick update of the New Subbuteo Production page. There's lots happening in table soccer these days, and I'm afraid I'm not finding time to catalogue it properly. Hopefully most of the necessary links are on this page though. I've more links and sites to add as well.

10 April 2009: A few additional bits. These were added to my offline version last year, so there may be a few extra updates not mentioned here. I've added a few more pictures to the Zombie page. I've improved the information on named box teams on Heavys 300+ others. There is still more to learn here clearly.... The silver medal is illustrated in Misc items next to the bronze version (and of identical design). Focus on C174 sees a little information added about alternate versions. Seems there are variations even to this short-lived set. There is a new 1970s display on the Shop Displays page.

6 September 2008: This update squeezes in most of the good stuff that has arrived this year. It is amazing what still comes out of the woodwork. Thus far we have....The 1982 Spanish World Cup set, with a metal replica World Cup rather than the usual plastic one, plus a few more pictures of the Spanish range. James Hardcastle again is the man to thank for this. There is the C109N goals with PVC nets finally illustrated in the C100-C120 range. Plus pictures of the original OO scale floodlighting set, the first OO scale set produced (different box lid etc). Thanks to Ashley Hemming for both of these. A couple of other nice pictures from old friends. Matt Johnstone has sent a picture of the Spanish Striker set - called Chuta Gol, whilst John Briggs has supplied the Hasbro Newcastle Utd with Brown Ale advert (shown under 63727 and 63277), and another h/w wide shorts figure, this time in an interchangeable goalkeeper set. Team odds and ends shows that one.

26 April 2008: Two great new websites have launched to cover the early period of Subbuteo's life....
Subbuteoflats - Paul Woozley's site concentrates on the celluloid teams, and is dedicated to Stan Russell, a much missed member of the Subbuteo community. He also looks at the new photo-real flat players, which make for an interesting contrast.
Flick Me! Subbuteo - Subbuteoarchive seems an apt address for this one. Mike Hyatt's site looks set to be the final word on the early years of Subbuteo. Mike has accumulated a wealth of information about Subbuteo pre-1950, and this is laid out in a clear and concise fashion. Especially worth checking for the wealth of early Subbuteo advertisements, base types prior to the embossed standard, and full details on the different versions of card and celluloid sides.

Other tabletop footie games page has been updated, and sees new details of Balyna's other football game, and more on Atlantic's Gloca goal.

29 December 2007: Happy New Year! Big addition this month is the full Spanish team range of 1980-83 added to International Team Production page. This is a big gap in the website plugged, and many thanks to Eddie Lang (as always!), Jess Ridao and James Hardcastle. The Spanish stuff really needs a page to itself (as the French do), and this will happen at some stage. There are many more Newfooty sides shown on New footy Accessory lists - thanks to Martyn Burr who has made a big difference here. Also Lance Marsh has sent in a photo of the previously elusive 63168 Stuttgart, which is another fine Hasbro print on 800+Hasbro colours
The links page is currently being updated. I've promised lots of links during a year of inactivity on the website, but I've probably forgotten most of them. Sites to be included thus far include - Tornado Toys - a new sales site featuring old and new table soccer goodies. New Zealand Table Soccer a useful sales site for Oceania (and beyond), True Colours. Another friend of this website with an updated website (these books are essential Subbuteo painters). Heavyweight Catalogue Another scarily good site full of real heavyweights (shown front and back) assembled from some of the best collections out there. There are probably more too.....

24 November 2007: Hello. I expect everyone gave up checking this page months ago.... I've uploaded the updates I was working on over the summer. It's so long ago, I've almost forgotten what I've done. Here are the main ones. New page: International Super Striker This is very brief thus far, but I had so many pictures of Striker sets that the usual pages were getting too crowded. The Card and Celluloid teams page has had a revamp - more pictures, and the green shorts version of Norwich City is worth pointing out. The New Footy pages have added extras. The "balancing discs" version of the early 1950s has been illustrated, and a further accessory list has been added to accessory lists page. Finally, Kevin Blair kindly sent me scans of an early 1980s New Zealand catalogue. This assigned some standard Subbuteo sides to the New Zealand league, so I've added these to the Rest of World team appendix Enjoy. Finally, more Portuguese teams on the International Team Production page. What do you mean "Is that it?"

6 February 2007: Okay, the leaflets page isn't next.... I've been catching up the last six months contributions and finds. There is the first new page for quite a while - a brief look at Shop Displays. Top of the new information is probably the Beatles Pins, which I've not seen before. On the same page is a new picture of the bronze Subbuteo medal. The cricket accessories see a variant catching base, and nylon pitch. The rugby accessories page has more info and pictures. There are red ball boys at last, and an Italian Edition of Snooker Express. My internet access is still a bit restricted (Broadband coming soon hopefully), so I've been putting off a required update to the links page. Bear with me if you are in need of a link.

7 December 2006: A quick update of the Catalogue pages. (The leaflets page is next). A few other bits of minor house-keeping.

11 November 2006: A few updated pictures of old heavyweights including a lovely Uruguay. I've reviewed the English teams appendix and Scottish teams appendix and added a few more kits. I've also changed the way the tables look. The rugby teams page has also had a bit of a spring-clean.

23 October 2006 - Or, Look, it isn't February anymore.
Thanks for all the patience and kindly e-mails this year, whilst the website has sat idle.
My computer crash did take out a chunk of my Subbuteo picture collection and original scans of mine (always make back-ups). I was working on an update of the art galleries, but no other serious work was lost. My new computer set up has a nice digital camera and a super fast scanner, so a few pictures may change over the next few months. For the time being, please continue to bear with me as I reassess the website to see what updates need to be done.

For starters, I've updated the "New Production" page. It's nice to see a lot of new products in the table soccer arena. Also note the additional books below.

Books For Christmas 2006. A little plug for some essentials for your football library.

23 October 2006 extras. Okay, I got carried away. The Newfooty refs are now illustrated (and are lovely). There's the early 1990s Floodlighting Edition box, and the Republic of Ireland USA 94 box (on the international box sets page). And a slight re-vamp of the card/celluloid team pictures.

9 December 2005 - A spring clean of my picture files (well, winter clean) has uncovered a large stack of weird things not yet added to the site. So this update is dedicated to everyone who has taken the time to send in pictures over the last couple of years, (and especially for to those who have wondered where their pictures have gone). Look out for new zombies, old h/ws, box sets, Striker, Newfooty and others.
In addition, there are two new pages. Focus on Photo-real Subbuteo is a look at the new Hasbro sets. It isn't fully illustrated yet, but I wanted to post it before Xmas really. Then there is Team odds and ends, which is a work in progress for dedicated lovers of team variations, and includes teams that do not really fit in anywhere else (or are un-proven as genuine teams). 

7 November 2005 - Well, I haven't done much this year have I? I've been adding a few bits off-line since August, and I've forgotten what some of them were. So you might find a few different pictures after this update. The main changes are on the Five-a-side, NewFooty and Rival games pages. I think there are a couple of extra heavys and old heavyweights illustrated. Plus pictures on the cricket - flat era page, and the start of an update of the accessory pages. More info, and some different pictures here (mostly in the The A-Z  and C100-C120 pages). There are two more US box lids in the North American Range, and a picture of "By Spacecraft to the Moon". I grab the pictures from ebay, and then remember them months later.... The Misc Page also has a picture of a football favor and a (poor) picture of the medal. Both from 1960s paperwork. I'm still tinkering, so let me know if anything doesn't work.

18 June 2005 - An update of the "news" page which I should've done a couple of months ago. So rather old news of Hasbro, Santiago, Beyond Retro, and other table soccer developments.....

27 March 2005 - A small update of the links page, and the "news" page.

27 February 2005 - Another year, another update! This one sees the French range complicated by another three catalogues, and two more numbering systems. Oh dear me. The French introduction page should start you off. This (and the arrival of the 1978 and 1980 catalogues) has seen a couple of extra alternatives on the Heavys 101-200 page as well.

06 December 2004 - Another delayed update. The main changes are an expansion of the Newfooty section with the Keeling Games page having details of the other games produced by this company, whilst the New footy Accessory lists page is pretty self-explanatory (but also includes the team list). Also new is the cricket accessories - flat era page, which details a range I'd previously suggested did not exist. Hopefully I'll be able to add pictures shortly. I've also updated the Subbuteo News page with details of various new developments. 2005 should be an exciting year for Subbuteo fans....

02 October 2004 - A big update originally produced for the "On a CD" version of the website offered at the Worthing Collectors Fair.
New Pages - New Footy, New Footy page 2 looking at a game that pre-dated Subbuteo, and was its rival in the 1950s. Other tabletop footie games. - More a preview than anything, a two page article looking at other football games of the Subbuteo era. I still need more details on some of these games. International Team Production I've switched the team production details from the International box sets page, and also included details of Portuguese team production (big thank you to Marco), and some Spanish sides (thanks to Eddie Lang). 
The box sets section has been expanded to five pages 1947-69, 1970-80, 1980-89, 1990-2002 and International with some new pictures. Various other pages have been revised slightly, and new pictures added. Enjoy!

11 August 2004 - A long delay in updates, during which I've been drafting out pages on New Footy and other rival football games. In the meantime, here are a few small cosmetic changes. Two more Striker sets have been added, and also a light blue ballboy in the Subbuteo accessories. I've updated the article on Snooker Express, and there is a better picture of the players. I've also updated the five-a-side page, with more details, and a picture of a Targetman player. I'm very slowly working through some of the old pages and updating as appropriate, so keep those details and variations coming.

24 April 2004 - Two more pages added. Details of the range that Delacoste sold in France in the 1970s on two pages - Page 1: Intro/Accessories and Page 2: Teams. 

12 April 2004 Easter Update - A couple of days off work has given me the chance to finish the rugby and cricket rules pages (Rugby Rules: 1950s; 1960s-80s. Cricket Rules: 1950s; 1960s-1980s). But as usual they are a bit rushed, so please point out any typos etc. 

13 March 2004 - I was hoping for a bit of time to update in February, but didn't get it. So pages featuring the rugby and cricket rules of the 1950s and 1970s are still in limbo. Thanks to Eddie Lang, and Chris Allen, there should also be a page about French production in the 1970s to look forward to (mostly sorting out their numbering system!!). 
All I've done today is update the pictures on the old heavyweight page (more help needed guys), added a few extra zombie references, and squeezed in a couple more h/w pictures (200, 204, and 205). 
There's also another expansion of the links page. Stefan Corda's website, Zombie-King (previously only on the zombie page), Matt Johnstone's Motherwell site (buy a Subbuteo Motherwell t-shirt!!), and more fashion in theworldchico. 

The Big January 2004 Team List Update.
Happy New Year everyone. I've been struggling with this update for quite some time.... Basically, the Team Colours Project has finally been split into player types, as was hinted by the arrival of the card/celluloid team list in May 2003. There's almost too much to list here, but basically we now have the celluloid page, an old heavyweight page (more pictures desperately needed), Heavyweights Intro, 1-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-328+Named, a Zombie Page, lightweights Intro, 1-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-400 (and then back to the old pages), Plus the Parodi range Intro+2002, 2003 Part 1, 2003 Part 2. Oh and a Zugo appendix as well. The 800+ Hasbro page has more unusual teams, some appendices have been tweaked again....
Then there's a page with the Parodi accessories., and there's various other updates (a badge, some blue ball boys, the early cricket fence, the other version of the FA Cup pack, and the Woolies box set ). And probably other stuff I've forgotten. Enjoy. 
Thanks to everyone who has chipped in during the last three or four months. Any feedback is most welcome.

22 October 2003 - Lots of new sites added to the links page (and well done to everyone involved as the Subbuteo community continues to grow). In no particular order....
Subbuteo Italia - a fantastic illustrated lightweight list by the three wise men of Italian l/w collecting!
Flick to Kick - Alex Ogilvie's accessory database with fantastic photos.
The Football Game- Highlights from a collection of Subbuteo.
Vintage Subbuteo - Another collection under the spotlight. Good pictures of heavyweight teams.
That's Magnificent.com - My local supplier of Subbuteo items (and fellow Worthing Fivestar player)
Subbuteo Spares. - A site to help replace those broken players - run by John Briggs.
If that lot doesn't keep you amused while you wait for my next update, I don't know what will. Okay, how about an update to the Super Striker pages?? Page 1 now features the Wembley Fast Pitch version of the game, while Page 2 now has illustrations of the All-Star sides. (A big thank you for James Hills who provided the details)
Hold on for more updates shortly (I hope).

23 August 2003 - I actually added the first two teams mentioned here to my own version of this site just after the June update - I can't believe that was two months ago. So apologies for another delay.
The 401-500 Page now has team 474 illustrated thanks to Eddie Lang and a 1982-83 Italian catalogue. We also now know the names of the teams at 478 and 479 from the same source. That still leaves 41 numbers unaccounted for....
801-830+Hasbro - sees the addition of 63171 a final Borussia Dortmund team in the final German range. Thanks to Austin Futers for sending this in. Also Pierre Chastenais has sent me a photo of his beloved Montreal Manic side. He now has two versions of the team, and both have blue shorts rather than the white shown in the catalogues. This can be seen on the 501-600 page.
I've also updated the international appendices on the team lists. This update was down to two fantastic e-mails received from Bernard Cros in France, and Peter Frans in Belgium. Peter gave a long detailed account of the Belgian teams, and mergers, while Bernard not only did the French league in great depth, but he also helped with most of the other leagues, and provided the full names of the Finnish sides (which are worth a look). I find this stuff fascinating, and have tried to include as much on the lists as possible, hopefully enhancing their usefulness without making them too complicated.
I've also been advised of the team range for Pelebol. There were six, and it seems you got a random selection in the box set, and then could buy the others separately. See the International sets page for the list. 

21 June 2003 - Early Summer Update.
New Page: Charles Stadden and the Lost Range. As mentioned on this site, Charles Stadden was the sculptor responsible for many of the figures in the Subbuteo range. This page gives an overview of his work, and a look at some figures he was asked to produce, but which never made it into production. More information on Mr Stadden's Subbuteo work will be posted later this year.
New Item: The U-Paint Outfit has arrived in the miscellaneous section. Many thanks to Martin James and Baz Ryder.
Team Lists: The flats team list has added pictures of Bradford Park Ave with white shorts 19, Barcelona 19, Crystal Palace ref 40 (final version) plus card and celluloid Anderlecht 55. Many thanks for these to Bob Varney, Dixie Sauntson, and Blackjack.
Links: - Mike Peacock's Little Plastic Men site has a new address, and logo. Not a big change, but his heavyweight lists are so useful, I thought it worth another plug :-)

1 May 2003 - Spring Update Part 2.
Lots in the pipeline, but only a couple of things are ready at present. 
New Page - Card and Celluloid teams (1-55) I've managed to get enough pictures of these teams to split these old teams from the standard team project and give them their own page. Yet more variations are in evidence :-)
The only other page getting a revamp this month is the standard 1-50 team page, which sees a few more variations. This is getting a bit crowded, and I'm currently working on splitting out the lightweights as well, to give all the variations more room.
New Links - The links page has several new sites (always lovely to see!). We have Sporting Gold, a dealer site run by Matt Harris, featuring lots of good value Subbuteo items. Luca Livrieri's website has a new address, and extra pages to look at (and he also has lots of stuff for sale). Collecting People is a big Italian website with a Subbuteo section (e-mail them for prices. This is not a site I've ordered from). Finally, there is the Wiltshire Table Soccer Club, a long running society who will warmly welcome new members :-)

22 March 2003 - First part of a big spring update (I hope)
New Page - Racing Games. I've been given lots more details of these hard to find sets (thanks to Andy Boucher especially), so they now have their own page. This has also given me room to add a couple more illustrations to Snooker Express on the Sports page.
Elsewhere, I've updated the pictures on the rugby teams page, and revised the text a little. The international box sets page has improved info on the German sets of the early 1980s (thanks Eddie), plus the Mexico Club edition, and an alternate USA 94 box. In the accessories Set B now has some illustrations, so does C116 the car sticker. In the team projects, I'm going to be playing around with the format a bit. I'm working on a page of flat teams, and I'm thinking of splitting the player types - because of requests for early l/w pictures etc. All I've done so far is added an early ref 54 in h/w (rather than flat), shown ref 55 colour variations, and added a "154 with trim" from Italy. Any suggestions are appreciated at this stage :-) Oh, and Roma and Juventus are illustrated in the new Parodi hand painted sides (thanks to Dom for spotting these)

17 February 2003 - A new site added to the links. "Little Plastic Men" owned by Mike Peacock. The major feature of the site is a list containing large images of heavyweight teams. Mike's aim is to cover the all the heavyweight variations that crop up including bases and painting styles, illustrated with "real life" examples. A fine idea that should prove very useful to collectors, as it is often hard to see lots of heavyweights in one place. Hopefully it will help decide what are the "standard" forms of teams and bases, and which ones are more unusual. The site also has a gallery of Mike's favourite items which is such a typical Subbuteo mix of beauty and madness, complete with bad home painted teams, and a sound file of the Subbuteo timer.

26 January 2003 Welcome to 2003, and apologies for another long delay in updates. That might be the theme for this year, as real life is intruding into my update time. But I've lots planned, so you'll have to wait and see...
First thing is that I've updated the new Parodi page to show a few more hand-paints, and the first accessories. The new Italian box set also arrived on my doormat a couple of weeks ago (big thanks to Andrea Putignani), and I thought this set was worth celebrating with its own page. So it becomes the second of my focus on... pages.
The third art gallery seems just about complete, so I've added that. The fourth page is almost done.
There are also two new linked pages worth visiting. Paul Eyes' SubbuteoUSA.com site, showing some envious collectables, and featuring a tour of his really nicely laid out stadium (check out the supporters in the Coventry Talbot Cars kit). The second site is that of Andrew Stadden, who is a professional modelmaker. His father was Charles Stadden, who designed some of the classic 1970s Subbuteo icons (when he wasn't revolutionising model soldier production). 

23 November 2002
Well, after a delay of several weeks, I've finally posted two pages on the basic rules and rulebooks. Page 1 looks at 1949-75 and Page 2 is 1975 onwards. I'd like to do the advanced books, the other sports, and foreign books - but that'll be next year.
There is also a new section to cover any new Subbuteo items as they appear - be they Parodi or Hasbro or whoever. I'm not "in the loop" as regards new products, so don't expect page this to be very up to date, or cutting edge. But there doesn't seem to be a central point for obtaining this info, so I thought I'd have a go at listing things. For pictures and info on the 2003 Italian releases, you are advised to visit the news page of the latest Italian fan site - Subbuteomadness.com
That brings me nicely to the updates to my Links Page. New websites in the Subbuteo Collectors family are Subbuteo Madness (as above), the Independent Subbuteo Forum, and Claudio Angelini's Sales Site 
A couple of new items have sneaked into the regular lists. Thanks to Filippo for the green Gola Team, and Claudio for the Pawns.
The next update will be a couple of new art galleries which are very nearly done...

1 October 2002
This is the first part of what was supposed to be an August update, and then a September one. The major update this time around is to the Super Striker section. This is now split into two pages - Parker sets, and Palitoy and Peter Pan sets, and has fuller details on just about all the products. Thanks to Paul Woozley and Eddie Lang who helped with this section.
Subbuteo updates are mostly housekeeping. The big additions are probably the Brazilian "Pelebol" and Spanish team sets on the International Page. There are also new pictures of the Italian hybrid figure on the Player Types page - showing two distinct versions (thanks Marco). There is a mid 1990s electronic handheld game badged with the Subbuteo logo in the Miscellaneous Section. In the team lists, the most common alternative h/w No3 is now illustrated. So is the great "all red with badge" alternative Aberdeen on 597, and a slightly different 685 Notts Forest. I've also shown the "real life" versions of the 642 and 683 Arsenal, because they were causing me confusion, and its possible that others are having the same difficulty. The "real life" 335 Luton Town has been successfully identified, and has moved from the "help" page to the team lists. Some of the foreign appendices to the list have been updated, and thanks to those who have helped here. Oh, and the World Table Soccer website is added to the links page. I think that's about it, but more is planned shortly, so keep your fingers crossed :-)

19 June 2002
Nobody has reported any disasters with the new site, so hopefully all is well. This is a quick update to catch all the little items that always turn up in the week after a major update (plus I've corrected a couple of typos, and I've now got Holland winning the 1974 Munich World Cup, and not Italy - opps).
The new stuff is as follows. The Major Indoor Soccer League teams are now named at 580-592 in the team lists. Sadly, these teams weren't produced, but at least it fills one of the gaps in the team project. (big thanks to Larry Martinez for this info). The other big addition this time are the Italia 90 team wraps on the second misc. page. (thanks to Mike Peacock for that one) There is also a Munich medal on Misc. Page 3 (thanks to Tony Blake) and an illustration of the C192 Handbook (err thanks to me). Oh and 722 Derby now has two versions illustrated - somehow I missed this in the catalogues.

2 June 2002 - The big spring 2002 update 
Welcome to the Subbuteo Tribute Website at its new home. My old service provider was closing down, and as everybody is going to have to download the whole site again (sorry), I thought this was the perfect time to do some housework regarding the layout of the site. You will notice that the top hyperlink bar is now solely Subbuteo related. There is a proper Subbuteo links page, and I've made an attempt at providing an Index and glossary. The player types have their own page - because this is probably the most puzzling thing for Subbuteo newbies, and I've also added a Help Required Page, to let you know some of the information I am looking for. I've also bookmarked the accessory range, and some of the other items. I don't use bookmarks that much myself, but they can be convenient short cuts and they are there if you want them - the usual navigation remains unchanged. The boxed editions and the A-Z range have both been stretched over two pages. So has the history page - and this is a major re-write.
Away from the cosmetic changes, the chief new page is one on the Italian Production of teams, featuring numbering range differences, the hybrid figure, and the Special teams.
What else? Well a few more variations have been added to the team lists (as always!), Capri Knockout Cricket from the 1970s in on the clone page (Jools first noticed this game, but Ian Moore sent me the pictures and the info - big thanks guys). The World of Sport set is in the Misc section. So is Journey into Space (big thanks to Peter Ford). So are two more team wraps I've not seen before - for the eight teams in the 1980 European Championships. There is probably a few other things too.....

Please note - I had to do the above changes very quickly over a two week period. In an effort to get the site uploaded before the old site goes offline, I've had to skimp on my normal checking. So please tell me if anything isn't working, or if any of my grammar/spelling is making no sense at all. Many thanks.

4 April 2002
A wee little update this one. I've added the amber shorts version of 46 to the team colours 1-50 page, 173 with blue shorts is on the 151-200 page, the true version of 797 is now on the 701-800 page, and 155 and 157 are in the Hasbro range. 
It may have already been updated, but I've not mentioned on here that the NASL page now has details from 1987. I've also updated the main credits with extra people, and websites by Kevin and Dimitrios. If you are not on the main "thank you" list, but feel you should be, then please let me know!
Something else I'd forgotten about. Alan Jenkins has sent me details of a combined set of the 1950s Subbuteo collector cards. The cards are normally seen as two sets of 24, but a set of 50 was also produced - see the card page for more details. 

4 March 2002
This update was supposed to arrive in January, and is especially dedicated to everyone at the Woking Swap Meet who asked me "when's the next update coming?" Well, it's here, but it isn't very big I'm afraid. 
There are now details of Editions sold in New Zealand, Australia and Holland on the International Box Sets Page. A couple more teams have arrived in the charts - the all important missing diagonal striped 059 (many thanks to Mike Peacock), the 1990s 152 Bulgaria (I don't think it was in a catalogue), and the black/red halved h/w 072, that seems to turn up from time to time. Thanks to Trev Smith for this final team - does anyone else have info/theories on this one? Also, because I bought it at the Woking Swap Meet, there is now a better picture of the original Hasbro "Autoglass" Chelsea. I've also illustrated another team for the Striker game. Accessory-wise, I've added a colour version of C137, the iron-on badge, (borrowed from ebay) on C121-C139. The Subbuteo Crackers make an appearance on the first Misc page, (Thanks to Gordon Oke), and the Italian book by Stefano Beverini has been added to the Unofficial items (thanks to Paolo). The 1950s catalogues have a few more illustrations/details (thanks to Tony Blake and Eddie Lang). I've also remembered to add details of the Top Scorer rules to the five-a-side page.

29 December 2001
Some additions to the team lists, that I've long been working on, have finally been added. First up, I've dated all the teams on the 1-830 list - showing the years they appeared in the English catalogues. I'm not sure how useful this is, besides giving a rough idea as to which box each team might appear in. Length of production must have a bearing on rarity - although the team represented seems more important in this regard. I've also taken the opportunity to add a couple more pictures to the lists (the new 501, the old 040, a better picture of 593-600 etc). 
New pages - Team Colours International Appendices: France, Italy, Germany, Belgium/Holland, Spain/Portugal, Scandinavia, Rest of Europe, and America. I've been driven slowly mad working on these club side appendices. If you are an expert on any of these leagues, and would like to proof my work, then please feel free :-)

24 November 2001
Managed to squeeze in a second update as real work beckons once again.
New pages - added to the miscellaneous part of the site, is a page on the NASL range sold in North America circa 1982-84. In addition, I've added a page on Subbuteo card games/collectables. This page features Soccer Market, the 1950s collectable series, and Squads. Squads might be a rude word to some of you (!!), but if I'm going to include all Subbuteo products it has to get a mention (that's about all it's getting)
Updates - Thanks to Eddie Lang and Trevor Smith, who've both found C192 for me. Trev has also found more details on C193 - see C170-C193, and Eddie has found that my sports bag is really C200 - see C200-61221. Between them, they've sent me copies of most of the price lists from 1978 to 1983 - which will allow me to date comings and goings in a crucial period for the accessory range. I've already rewritten the EPNS Cups info (C162-C164) to take this into account. Eddie also mailed photos of the original Waddingtons Premiership box set. This has a different number in the range than the Hasbro one, and has l/w teams, but no scoreboard. I've added the details to the boxsets page, but haven't found room for the picture yet. I'm hoping to split this huge page into two on a later update. And Eddie's also spotted a different version of 723 Sheff Utd, and I've added that too.
Big thanks also to Dimitrios Philippides, who e-mailed me scans of the 1989 catalogue, and 1980 team lists (don't try this at home kids - it takes ages!!). The 1980 list has already generated alternative versions of two colours (314 and 323) on the 301-400 page. The 1989 catalogue means I have details of every catalogue list from 1980 to 1996. My plan is to add the arrival and departure date to every team in the colours project. Might be a gauge to rarity, if nothing else.

17 November 2001
Where did the last three months go?? Real work got in the way of my updates I'm afraid, but here's an attempt to cram in many of the new details and pictures that I've received since August. Thanks to all the usual helpers, especially Eddie Lang once again.
Accessory lists: Text updates on the A-Z page for sets FF, NN, and Z. Plus details of a second version of Set A,  and also set ZZ. In addition, Jools has provided pictures of Set R. The C100-C120 page has details of C113(a) and C114(a) from 1966 when the club flag set was spread across three numbers! Plus illustrations of the early 1970s Maroon referees, and the first version of the match bench set (C114 again). C140-C169 has pictures of the 1970s versions of the logbook refill, and fixture cards - and a version of C166 from Italy labeled as C000. Finally, C170-C191 will have to change its name, with the arrival of C193 World Cup '82 set. Now if anyone has a C192...
Team Lists: Two more problems have been added to the Intro Page - I know, like there aren't enough already. These are the Scudetto badge, and (to steal from Tim Burton) the "re-imaging" of machine painted teams - that is stuff like stripe width changes on long established sides. More thrilling than it sounds... probably. More pleasing for me, is the picture of the bandy legged (or scarecrow) moulded figure, which I've finally been able to add to the figure types. In the lists themselves, there are new versions of 003, 440, 693, 695, plus another eight kits on the 701-800 page. Will it ever be complete? Also, I've managed to name the missing four teams in the NASL range (540-560). I'm not convinced that these teams were produced, but at least it explains the number jumps in this section. Expect a full page on the 1982 American range of accessories etc. soon.
Misc Stuff: I've added more pictures to the "fivesides" game, and there are seven new pictures of (Super) Striker sets on that page. I've also updated the Misc Pages to include the Beatles, some special team wraps, and (on page two), a lovely Hasbro display case - Big thanks to Lorenzo for the pictures of the Beatles and the display case.  

25 August 2001
Liverpool and Newcastle were back in stock at Funstore, so the 800+Hasbro page of the team lists now illustrates all ten of the teams released for 2000/1. There don't seem to be any other teams planned at present. I've also added illustrations of small variations in Sampdoria (398), and Juventus (579). Both were in the lists a long time, so I suppose different versions are inevitable. 

14 July 2001
It's almost Eddie Lang's Subbuteo Tribute pages this month, as Eddie has kindly provided details from catalogues between 1968 and 1973, plus 1990 and 1993. Way to go !!
Club Colours: There is a new appendix for the super teams boxes from 1990. All these teams are already in the usual range, but I figured it would be useful to highlight them. There are more changes to the 701-800 page, with the arrival of the 1993 poster (it features the USA 94 accessories, but is copyright 1992). This adds extra variations between 771 and 780. The 1970-73 catalogues have helped clear up early variations on the 51-100 page. The other versions of 61 and 79 are now illustrated, but I still need scans of the early 59 and 74. The team box appendix sees two new boxes - the P100 squad, and the "christmas tree" interior from Greece.
Box Sets: The biggest, slowest page on the website, the full boxed editions, gets another seven illustrations, meaning that I've revised the history a little. I still think this page needs splitting in two, but as nobody has complained, I've left it alone. Make a cup of tea while it downloads...
Accessories: On C170-C191, the TV Tower kit gets more pictures and info (thanks to Lorenzo Carloni), while on C206-61221 the Italia pitch gets further attention (thanks to Trevor Smith).
Details from Eddie's catalogues have also been added to both Page 1 and Page 2 of the Subbuteo catalogue pages.

22 June 2001
The arrival of the 1995 catalogue (thanks Dimitrios) has sparked a review of the team colours pages. The 1995 catalogue introduces a couple of new variations, and I've also replaced some scans of actual players with their catalogue version. It's also meant a slight juggle of team pictures to keep date order. In addition, there's a picture of the grey England away kit at 720, and two German sides in the Hasbro range 63167 and 63172. Does anyone have others?? 
I've long been unhappy with the pictures from 361 to 570, being small and smudgy, so I've taken the opportunity to enlarge them slightly, using the much nicer 1985 pictures were possible. These figures now match the 600-830 illustrations in size. They might take longer to download, but hopefully, they are much clearer as a result.
Star of this months updates is Dimitrios, who also noticed that the 1995 poster has a bar code with an accessory number all of its own - 61227. In checking my own catalogues, I've discovered the 1992 is accessory 61224. These have been added to the accessory pages. Not a big change, but it does fill a couple of blanks !!
Just squeezed in - 1990 pictures for 682, 684, 686, 692, 694, and 704 replacing Italian catalogue pictures. Watch this space for details of  sides available as "super teams" from this catalogue. (thanks to Eddie)

May 2001 - The Big Spring 2001 Update.
I've not managed much in the way of updates this year, but I had some time off over Easter, so I've tried to cram all my new info into this one update.
First up, you will probably have already noticed that the main page is now just an index, and the history has been moved to its own page.
Accessories: A-Z range - more details of set NN (thanks Eddie), Set Y (thanks Stewart and Paul E), C100-C120 - more details of C101, C110, C111, C113 and C117. C121-C139 sees more info on C136 (thanks Chris) and a picture of C137. C201-61221 and 61222-61240 see improved pics, plus extra details on 61220.
Team Colours: I've updated some of the text, added a couple more pics, and a new National Sides Appendix.
Other Sports: Rugby has expanded to three pages, and cricket to two. Speedway is added to the other sports page, and Angling coverage is expanded.
Misc: New details on the Striker page (thanks Paul W), and Miscellaneous expanded to two pages.
New Pages: A two page look at Accessory boxes, a three page look at catalogues, and a page featuring new games featuring Subbuteo castings - Zugo and Wicketz.
Due to work commitments I'm afraid I may have rushed my checking of these updates, so please e-mail if you have any problems :-)

15 April 2001
The huge gap in updates has been due to me working full time, but as I'm now having a short break the site is going to get a bit of a revamp. This work will probably take a few weeks, so in the meantime here's a small housekeeping update to keep everyone happy. The A-Z range now has pictures of two badges, a proper picture of set HH, a picture of set LL, and a picture of the early set Z in red. All from ebay! The team colour project sees a few improved pictures on the 401-500 page, the final Spain and Germany kits on the 701-800 page, and ten additional teams on the 800+ Hasbro page, including seven of the new 2000/1 range. Thanks to Mark Kenyon,  and Stefan Peters, as usual for help with these updates. Also, the English Team Appendix has seen a few extra corrections, and additions.
New Page: Focus On:- C174 The World Cup Winners Pack. Some items seem to cry out for more attention than the usual pages can give them. Regular website helper Pierre Chastenais sent me some cracking pictures of this item from 1980, and they form the basis of a little article on the subject. Hopefully the first in a series of "focus" pages.

9 February 2001
Just a few housekeeping updates. There are twenty six more teams (and alternatives) illustrated on the team lists - thanks to Stefano, Panos, Peter Whitehead and others I've probably forgotten. Two close-ups as well, showing logos not on the catalogue illustrations. The bulk of the updates are on the 701-800 and 801-Hasbro pages (as usual!). The other bits of housekeeping are - picture of the 1960s Super Set on the Box Sets page, a couple of improved pictures on the A-Z page, and a picture of the 1970s fence on the cricket page.
I'm hoping to do a page of "foreign" box sets etc. later in the year, so if you own one, send me a picture !!
New Web Sites. Check out the website of my frequent collaborator, Stefano Montecchiesi. He has an enlarged gallery of his own painted figures (for those who've enjoyed them on this site), plus a list of team colours drawn from the Italian catalogues. These are actual pictures of Subbuteo figures, and is brilliant for locating your unknown teams.
Another new site on the links page is Colin Moseley's featuring a good range of sales stock. 

10 January 2001
Two new pages:
I've not been doing any real work this week, so I've been able to write two new pages. First up is the five-a-sides page, which also includes the junior games (Targetman and Sport Billy). There is also a non-Subbuteo page as Parker/Palitoy rival game Striker/Super Striker gets a page. Let me know what you think. Should I cover other Subbuteo rivals? (not that I have details on any other rivals!!). 
The usual picture updates continue. The A-Z range now has a picture of the whistle (thanks Brett), and new info on the chute (thanks Nigel). The C170-C191 range has new picture/info about 61177 the substitutes pack, and 61222-61240 now has a picture of the USA goals (thanks Peter W.)

28 December 2000
Just a few additions to existing pages. The new Chelsea strip, and France from the World Cup 98 set find their way into the 800+Hasbro team list. Four other kits on that page have better pictures. The team boxes appendix has some new additions. The Hasbro boxes are tidied up, and illustrated. This includes the special England box, and the brand new one. Also the World Cup '82 and '86 boxes are now illustrated. The pictures on that page are much bigger than elsewhere on the site, so the page is slower to download. Let me know if you think this is a problem. 
I've also updated the Hasbro accessory page 61222-61240, to include the figures in the France 98 box set, and the new set of goals.
I've also updated the 1966 World Cup Appendix to include details of World Cup teams from 1970 to 1994.

12 December 2000
Malcolm Grant has solved the mystery of C176 with info and a picture, and has also provided the picture for C174 on the C170-C191 page. There are also improved pictures for the late 1980s boxed editions (catalogue pictures rather than ebay photos). 

10 December 2000
Just when I think I've reached a break in my updates. I've obtained two new catalogues from the late 1980s (undated), so I've been able to update the information on the 601-700 page of the team colours project. A few other improved pictures may sneak onto the site this week from these catalogues (but nothing too substantial).

8 December 2000
Three new pages:
Two pages of stunning home painted teams from some of my regular contributors. Page One: Joe Butt and Stefano Montecchiesi, Page Two: Wayne Smith and friends. I've also added a miscellaneous page for all the bits I couldn't fit in elsewhere i.e. the Boots editions, and the rosettes. These were the last pages sitting in my preparation folder - so the next brand new pages may be some time away. 

2 December 2000
Accessory page updates.
The A-Z range has been updated by a scan of the 1949-50 price list (thanks Nigel), plus a couple of new illustrations. I've also finally remembered to finish the Hasbro accessory range - and this is now spread over two pages C201-61221, and 61222-61240. Having to update the links on the other accessory pages, I've made a few other small updates, adding five new pictures, but reluctantly shrinking some of the older ones to keep the download times down.
Small team list updates:- new pictures for 327, 328 and 676. Clearer pictures of 628-630, 633, 634 and 636.

20 November 2000
New pages:
Three new appendices to the team colours project:- Lists of English league sides, and Scottish league sides, with the team numbers they have used down the years. Plus a World Cup 1966 appendix - teams available in 1966 "by name" rather than number.
Big Update: Not a new page, but still worth the bold print! The Hasbro teams list is now illustrated. Thanks to everyone who helped out. 
A little touch up of the introduction and history. This includes a mention for the new Toys-R-Us range. Hurrah :-)

11 November 2000
Updated the links page to include sites from Chris Smith and Stefan Peters.
A new picture for C170. A Waddington's box for an accessory I thought had died in 1982. Thanks Stefano for sending me this cool item :-)
Finally got around to the small updates and corrections to the team list. Too many to list individually. Fifteen new team colours, and some text corrections. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
In a very quick update, the boxed editions gains two new sets (France 98 and the 1980s European Edition) thanks to Subbuteoworld. There are also new pictures for the flat Combination set, and another 1990s Club edition alternative box.

28 October 2000
New page:
This What's new? page :-)
New pages:
Finally added the rugby, cricket and other sports pages.
Also added the Subbuteo Football boxed editions page. 
The A-Z range gains eight new pictures, and an expansion of the Set Q information (thanks to Gordon Watt).

1 October 2000
Lots of alternative teams added to the 601-700 and 701-800 team colours lists (from 1994 and 1996 catalogues, plus a late 1980s Italian catalogue)

30 September 2000
New Page:-
The team list 801-830 and Hasbro. 
More images added to the team box appendix :- the 1950s box, two more C500 boxes, and C100S, the Italian special boxes.
Illustrations for 767-800 added to team list 701-800 (from 1996 catalogue)

9 September 2000
New images and text added to the A-Z range :- Set C, Set NN, and Set W (the cool timer)
Images and text added to C100-C120 :- C100S, and Italian C120
Images added to C121-C139 :- The training kits. C126 gets a picture, C124 and C125 get additional photos from my collection.
Correction and new images added to C201-61225. 61211 is now the correct item, and is illustrated. A couple of Euro 96 accessories get pictures.

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