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Subbuteo Team Art - Page 4.

More beautiful Subbuteo teams for you all to drool over....

Carlo Giuliani's teams


Carlo's wonderful heavyweights were painted for him, and all relate to 1982-83. The kits above were painted by an artist named Dry using Humbrol enamels. From left to right, the teams are


Carlo's final selection is this beautiful Inter Milan. I've broken my size rule for this one. There is so much small detail on the kit, that I couldn't do it justice at the usual size. The artist's name here is Mancini.

Ric Bagnall's Cricket Project.

As a change from the usual footballers, here is the first of Ric's painted cricket teams. This is England, from the 1999 World Cup. Makes the original Subbuteo cricket sets seem rather bland doesn't it ?? 

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