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Peter Upton's

Subbuteo Tribute Website.

Contributions and Thanks.

And Further Help Required.

Since this site first appeared in March 1999 I have received many interesting e-mails about bits of Subbuteo I had omitted - often because I knew nothing about them. This information has enabled me to update my history substantially. I am especially grateful to the following people:-

Mark Adolph - For obvious reasons!
Chris Allen  - Lots of info and photos down the years - especially corner-kicker/throw-in  colours, rosettes, ohw colours, modern promo things etc.
Claudio Angelini  - For details of the new Parodi range, plus team and accessory photos.
Andy Ankerson

 - For Subbuteo Angling and Sport Billy.

Craig Atkinson  - Useful picture of a wide range of "Alf" celluloids.
Ric Bagnall  - For help with the cricket pages.
Andy Bathgate

 - For the five-a-side stuff, Targetman, and tracksuited teams.

Andrew Bensley  - The lovely old gold ref 49 rosette.
Riccardo Bertani  - Details of the Italian partworks.
Andrea Bianchini  - for team project help.
Black Jack  - For details from Italian catalogues inc. teams 191-195 and the 1980 European Championship finalist team wraps.
Kevin Blair  - For the P100 box scan (and some team help ages ago, which I'd forgotten to credit!). Thanks also for a fantastic New Zealand catalogue.
Tony Blake  - For scans of 1950s catalogues, and some team list help.
Steve Bowes

 - For his picture of Set T.

Mark Brady  - For the Football Express rules.
John Briggs  - For general work on the team lists, the heavyweight winged shorts variant figure, and the Hasbro Newcastle Utd.
Martyn Burr  - For pictures for the Newfooty team list.
Giovanni Buscemi  - International box sets, including the Coupe d'Europe set.
Joe Butt

 - For Charles Stadden info, for his home-painted figures, and the scans from his collection.

Julio Candelas  - Expert on the 1980s Spanish team releases.
Lorenzo Carloni - For the C186 TV Tower kit, The Beatles, and the Hasbro display case.
Pasquale Carrassi  - The king of weird Subbuteo! Details of Pelebol etc.
Alessandro Calvo  - Named box teams from Italy and Portugal.
Gabriele Cerescioti  - Full details of the Italia 1990 team wraps. 
Pierre Chastenais

 - For details of C174 The World Cup Winners pack I've devoted a whole page to a look at this item.

David Cook

 - For Tunbridge Wells memories, and cottage industry info.

Bernard Cros  - For work on the team appendices beyond the call of duty !!!
Dave Croucher  - A mate from the Worthing club. His ETSA paperwork was central to the history of table soccer as a sport.
Carlo De Gennaro  - For countless useful pictures, and Goleador Derby (Italian Striker!)
Francesco Disabato  - for the red ball boys.
Anthony Downes  - For early 1980s team list information
Franco Esposito  - Owner of the Subbuteo museum, his research on foreign sets also reflects on my site.
Paul Eyes  - For supplying set Y (with Stewart) Paul runs the subbuteousa.com website.
Peter Ford  - For supplying the description of Journey into Space.
Peter Frans  - For corrective work on the Belgian team appendix
 Fabrizio Frazzoni  - Porto in the Portuguese teams, and general team assistance. Co-authored the Italian heavyweight reference tome.
Austin Futers  - For Hasbro team project work.
Luca Genzano  - A regular contributor, Luca is an expert on 1950s production, flats, space games etc. Found the Bentrid fishing float.
Cristian Giovangiacomo  - The Derby Edition in the International box sets.
Steve Gladwell  - The monochrome FA Cup box.
Simon Goodman  - A Newfooty expert. Lots of pictures there, plus Subbuteo Chelsea rosette variations.
Malcolm Grant  - For details from the 1980 catalogue.
Andrew Gregory  - Spotted the Subbuteo fancy dress outfit at Karnival costumes.
Joe Gregory  - The ref 20 rosette.
Domenico Guarascio

 -  Details and photos of the 1980 Euro Championship team sets.

Vincent Guyaux  - Full details and pictures of the Dutch Europacup editie
Stewart Hannah  - For supplying set Y, and some team colours help.
James Hardcastle  - For Spanish team and box set details and pictures.
Ian Hare  - Pictures of old heavyweight teams.
Ashley Hemming  - For early catalogue details, C109N, and the original floodlighting set, and frankly work beyond the call of duty!! Too much stuff to cover here.
Riccardo Hilbe  - For the blue ball boys and early cricket fence.
Paul Hindmarsh  - Pictures of the Murfitt Australian sets.
James Hills 

 - For lots of Super Striker pictures and information.

Nigel Hills  - For the 1949-50 catalogue scans that completed the A-Z range, and the 1940s column on the team list appendix.
Mike Hyatt  - Was probably the expert on card and celluloid teams. Very sadly missed.
Matt Johnstone  - For the NASL catalogues, and later Spanish striker version "Chuta Gol"
Mark Kenyon

 - Big contributions to the team lists and the Hasbro numbering conundrum.

Paul Ketley

 - Another helper on the team list front.

Stefanos Kouratzis  - Renowned collector of quirky Subbuteo items. Supplied pictures of the unofficial timer (with Subbuteo logos), plus football favors, EPNS Cups and others.
Uli Kretz

 - For his list of 1990s Subbuteo Teams, 1990s accessories, and for encouraging me to list all the Subbuteo accessories in the first place. It's all Uli's fault really ;-)

Eddie Lang  - For finally solving the NN small goals riddle, the early version of C113, and details of the 1968-69, 1970/71 - 1972/73, 1990 and 1993 catalogues. And that was just for starters... General unflagging assistance for many years
Richard Larkin  - Tunbridge Wells/team painting memories.
Alan Lee  - Technical equipment that runs this site.... plus heavyweight/old heavyweight variations
Filippo Leone  - For details of the Gola team, and team project help (plus card teams uncut in blocks of three)
Paul Lloyd  - He's basically the font of all knowledge regarding Subbuteo rugby (and a lot more besides!)
Marco Longinotti  - Portuguese teams, hybrids and general quirky item spotting.
Francesco Pia Lucente  - Provided pictures of the named box Mansfield Town.
Lance Marsh  - for the wonderful 63168 Stuttgart team.
Andy Mason  - For details of Italian teams 501-528
Chris McKay

 - For details of Set R, and C120.

Brian Middleton  - The original limited run of the Wicketz game.
Stefano Montecchiesi 

 - For a large chunk of team colours, and scans from Italian catalogues, and home painted teams. You can see more of Stefano's teams, and a great team list by clicking on his name, and visiting his website.

Ian Moore  - For providing details of Capri Knockout Cricket.
Andre Moura  - An expert on Portuguese production and teams.
Ameen Muhairez  - Translated the history of Tipp Kick
Alberto Orazi  - The St Austell named box team, and interesting old heavyweight paint colour variants.
Panos Panagiotides - For spotting more team list variations
Nicolas Papadopoulos  - Found the third (and final) Dream team edition, and the French variant of the World Cup 98 edition.
Mark Parker  - Sent in the named box Northampton Town. Is the owner of the Santiago website.
Cristian Perucci  - A 1986 World Cup team wrap, and the red Gola team (which was long awaited!)
Carlo Perugini  - Help with the Italian heavyweight issues.
Mike Peacock - for the Italia 90 team wraps and a couple of team project pictures. Mike runs the enjoyable Little Plastic Men website.
Stefan Peters 

- For allowing me to use the Hasbro figures on his website to illustrate the team lists.

Dimitrios Philippides - For the 1980, 1989 and 1995 catalogues, and also for filling my house with teams from the  Waddingtons and Hasbro 1990s European ranges. If you're looking for teams and accessories from this era, Dimitrios should be your first stop (and he now has his own website with lists of what he has available)
Stuart Phillips  - Details of the Inter-club set (International editions).
Brian Pilling  - h/w variants.
Thomas Ponte  - Full details of the Inside Football Zeugo variant, including their rugby set.
Andrea Putignani  - For team project help, for the new Italian box set, and for ongoing attempts to solve the green Santos kit conundrum!!
Jesús Ridao  - For essential Spanish catalogue details
Ian Roberts  - For a great Subbuteo medal picture.
Jon Rosten  - One of the big UK heavyweight collectors/experts. Lots of helpful information on the rarer h/ws. Also the Welsh badge en situe, and the painted floodlit cricket batsman.
Stan Russell   - For details of 1950s Subbuteo, and for sending me the 1996 catalogue, and for lots of general help and enthusiasm. He's sadly missed by the Subbuteo community.
Stefan Sandner  - Details of a German team display.
Stefano Saroni 

 - For team project help.

Dixie Sauntson - For his expertise on Subbuteo prior to 1970, and for Bradford Park Avenue (and several rosettes)
Dave Sawyer  - Variations to the World Cup Winners pack.
James Sheldon  - Named box Halifax Town.
Jon Shelley

 - For dating information, for scanning catalogues for the team list, and for the floodlight information. Visit his cool website (later!!) by following the link

Brett Silberg  - For the pictures of the whistle, and 1960s TV Tower.
Alan Sissins  - Fantastic details and pictures of Newcrikit (explained a lot!) and cleared up a Subbuteo famous footballer cards issue.
Mark Skellon  - All round expert on heavyweights, and especially named box variations.
Chris Smith  - For sending me a copy of the Subbuteo record, and general assistance. Chris is another contributor with his own website - Subbuteo365 Among the sites useful items are some very clearly written Subbuteo rules. He also runs the Independent Subbuteo Forum.
Trevor Smith  - For 61221 Italia 90 pitch details, and other bits in the very early days of the site.
Wayne Smith

 - For team list corrections (especially German ones), and for his home-painted teams.

David Spindlow  - Heavyweight variants.
Andrew Stadden  - For sending me the details and pictures from his father's Subbuteo related papers.
StJohn Stimson  - Provided photos of the original 1947 set - with the first pictures of the button bases.
Joerg Streitberg  - Super photos of the Ellegi Olympiadi set - essentially a Subbuteo clone.
Marcello Tonarelli  - For cricket and rugby rules in pdf format.
Clive Torres  - Details of production in Gibraltar. 
Bob Varney  - For details of flat card and celluloid teams.
Alessio Vergani  - Helping with the puzzle of Italian reference 512
Jorge Vila  - Provided all the information on the 1960s Spanish range, of which I was completely unaware.
Paolo Viti  - For Stefano Beverini's book, the C000 version of C166 and several other pictures.
Simon Wade  - Information on bagged Subbuteo pitches (C109)
Norman Walker  - For supplying a huge array of old Subbuteo paperwork - including all important details on the 1950s "companion sports games".
Karl Warelow  - My go-to box set expert. Long term help beyond the call of duty!
Tom Waterman  - The inventor of rival game 4-2-4 provided background for his game, allowing for a full page.
Gordon Watt

 - For the early version of set Q, and the assorted goalkeeper set (61211)

Mark West  - Pictures of the 2015 Barcelona Set.
Peter Whitehead of Subbuteoworld

 - For allowing me to use pictures from his sales pages. Visit Subbuteoworld to see a wide range of 1950s accessories, and the thirty rarest Subbuteo items.

Peter Winstanley  - Photos of the lovely 1990s shop stand shaped like a goal
Paul Woodhouse  - One of my mates from the Worthing club. Found the Newfooty wartime set, and allowed me to photo many rare things such as hockey and Sport Billy allowing for much better information.
Paul Woozley  - For lots of great Striker information and pictures, plus a bit of team list help. Paul has a website dedicated to the flat celluloids and modern photo-real players.
...and Julian Booth

 - For swapping a much desired Liverpool away kit with me :-) and for team project work, and a couple of pictures.

I've not done very well at keeping this table up-to-date, so I've tried to give newer helpers a "thank you" on the relevant page. If I've forgotten you, please let me know. Everybody's help is really greatly appreciated and has made this site such a huge resource for Subbuteo lovers.

Help Required.

If you have looked at my site in detail, you may have already decided that I need some form of help....

Seriously, this website has slowly grown over the last five years to become an important resource for Subbuteo fans and collectors. This would not have been possible without the army of willing enthusiasts who have sent me pictures and information about Subbuteo items of which I was unaware. The huge credits list on the Contents page bears testament to this time and effort by so many people.

However, the website is far from complete, and the work of this Subbuteo historian is never done! So, this page is a further plea for help. I've listed below various topics and items in which I need more information. If you are a regular user of this site, and you have information not covered here, then please e-mail me, and lets share it.

I am especially interested in any first hand (but I'd even take 3rd hand!) accounts of anyone who worked for Subbuteo Sports Games. Any stories, or snippets of information would be appreciated. If you know how big the printing runs were on lightweights then I'd love to know.

A word on sending pictures. While I always love to be surprised by pictures of Subbuteo items, I'm afraid my internet connection isn't very good. Any pictures sent to me that are over 1mb can cause major frustration (and I don't have much hair as it is). So can everybody please keep the pictures as small as possible.

Okay, on with the general requests

Unknown Teams.

These have now moved to a Team odds and ends page.

Numbers missing from the Team Colours Project.

The following numbers do not appear in any English catalogues, or any of the Italian ones I've seen (which isn't that many). Many of the numbers may not have been issued. However, catalogues do not show every team in the range (the World Cup teams are a good example of this). So does anyone own any of these sides??

In addition I still need pictures for 

I also do not have illustrations for four NASL teams, 541 California Surf, 544 Atlanta Chiefs, 546 Dallas Tornado, and 547 Calgary Boomers. All four clubs folded just before the NASL range was launched, and I suspect that none of these teams was ever produced - but does anyone know different??
Ditto on 580-592 which were allocated for the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) teams in the USA. Jokari had them penciled in for a 1984 release, but this never happened.

Accessories needing photos....

Zombie numbers.

We've been making progress here on the Zombies page. If you have a zombie not listed, sent it in. Small pictures are also welcome.

Hand Painted lightweights.

By the same token, it would be interesting to work out which lightweights were hand-painted, and which of the early teams were machine printed. I've tried to post some of the results in the Lightweight lists, but any extra detail is appreciated.

Corner Kick/Throw-in figures.

Getting into the swing of these surveys, we had a discussion on the forum about which teams were done in corner kick and throw-in figures. The catalogues suggest the following: 

But I know that England (154 version) has been seen as a boxed corner kick figure, and that other colours were painted for the teams in Stadium Editions etc. Again, I need people to e-mail with which corner kickers they own or have seen, and whether this was boxed, in an Edition, or loose.

Rarity Guides.

I always try to ignore the collectable values on this site, and I'm aware that if something is mentioned as "rare" on this site, it will be taken as gospel by the dreaded toy dealers!!!

But there was a heavyweight rarity guide produced by the collectors club a few years back. I have a copy, as it used to be on Stewart Hannah's site (it may have returned). Does anyone have this and disagree with it? What are the rare zombies, or the impossible to find lightweights? I'm not really thinking in terms of the obvious stuff here - that the Belgian teams are more unusual in England that our own first division sides. I'm looking for anything that doesn't seem to make sense - like the trouble Jools is having trying to find a machine painted (or possibly any) 373 Manchester Utd away from 1982. Okay, it was only in the catalogues for a year, but it is a Man Utd kit. They must have sold quite a few....

Well, that's all the stuff I can think of for now. Of course, if you have any information at all, which you think should be on the site, then please let me know. There are no prizes, but you will get your name in the website credits, and a warm glow that comes from helping your fellow Subbuteo fans.

Text and Site Design - Copyright (c) 1999/2024 Peter Upton.

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