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The Lightweight (1980-2002)

References 800+ and Hasbro numbers.

The original numbering system reaches 830 in 1996, after which time Hasbro re-numbered the range. For kits still in production this simply means that they gain a "61" in front of their existing number, but for new kits Hasbro seem to reuse older numbers. The details I've been given for this are mostly in the 100-300 range, but it is possible they just started again at 61001.
For anyone needing further dating information, the 1994 catalogue goes to 806, the 1995 to 820, and the 1996 to 830. Switzerland (809), isn't on the 1995 catalogue, but is on 1996. 807, 808 and 810 don't appear in the British catalogues at all. The green and blue version of 815 isn't in a catalogue, but the number is missing from 1995, and I believe it is this earlier version.

The Team Colours.

1995 version. 1996 Version

  1. Rangers 2nd - 1994 and 1995 only.
  2. Chelsea 1994-95 and 1996
  3. Mexico 1994 only
  4. Wycombe Wanderers 1994-96
  5. Walsall 1994 only.
  6. Melchester Rovers - The third version of the Roy of the Rovers team. 1994 only.
  7. Saudi-Arabia - 1994 World Cup. Again, the WC teams are not in the British catalogues
  8. Bolivia - 1994 WC
  9. Switzerland Probably 1994 WC. Finally appears in the 1996 catalogue (for Euro 96?)
  10. Nigeria 1994 WC team

1996 versions

  1. Russia 1995-96
  2. Dundee Utd 1995 only
  3. Leicester City 1995
  4. Blackburn Rovers 2nd. 1995 and 1996
  5. Newcastle United 2nd 1995 and 1996 only (1995 version is missing from the catalogue).
  6. West Ham Utd 2nd (based on the classic strip No 79) 1995 only
  7. Lazio (Italy) 1995-96
  8. Sampdoria 2nd (Italy) 1995-96
  9. Anderlecht 1995-96
  10. Croatia 1995-96

  1. Bolton Wanderers 1996
  2. Reading, MSV Duisburg 1996 (looks identical to the old style 666, which was replaced in this catalogue)
  3. Schalke 04 )Germany) 1996
  4. Borussia Dortmund (Germany) 1996
  5. 1.FC Kaiserslautern (Germany) 1996 (looks identical to the 1995 Liverpool kit - 741)
  6. Werder Bremen 1996
  7. Grasshopper Zurich 1996
  8. FC Lugano 1996
  9. FC Sion 1996
  10. Millwall 1996

Hasbro Additions.

These teams were pieced together from order lists provided in 1999, and with assistance from the usual site helpers. Most of the teams here were in Hasbro's English Premiership range. However, Hasbro only introduced the new number range when kits were altered, so some teams seem to have stayed in the old number ranges (Wimbledon seem to be an example of this. The "Elonex" version remains as 749). The kits in the 63100s were new for the 96-97 season, and those in the 63300s are those introduced for the 97-98 season - the last year Hasbro covered (pre aborted cancellation). Teams that were promoted to the Premiership are introduced (i.e. Crystal Palace and Barnsley in 1997-98) and those who are relegated get dropped.

It's also worth noting that the official Hasbro numbers don't always tie up to what is on the box. If you look at the number on the bar code, you'll find that these still quote the old 637xx numbers for most of the later teams (i.e. Man Utd. away kits 63137 and 63327 both have bar codes indicating 63771). In addition, many of the 633xx boxes have a bar code sticker that obscures the team number (and if you peel the bar code sticker back, the number underneath is for an earlier version). The national sides in this range (England, Scotland, France and Spain) seem equally confused number-wise.

Hasbro have been given a bit of stick for reducing the Subbuteo range (dropping the Astropitch for instance), and then announcing the ceasing of production. However, they did produce some fantastic stuff. They had a good range of boxed editions, and some of these teams are the most detailed ever produced. In teams of the early 1990s some of the details are smudged, and careless, but here they are perfect down to the chest adverts. Take a magnifying glass to the "Special Edition" England, and it has England, and Umbro written on the socks. Super stuff.

Everton with chest advert (322) Man Utd. away (327)

November 2000 - Many of the kits are now illustrated. Many come from my own sets, but I've also used Stefan Peters' site and e-bay. The more unusual sides come from Mark Kenyon's superb collection. Special thanks to Mark for struggling with the photos of these teams - any donations to the "buy Mark a camera with a Macro lens" fund would be gratefully received :-)
March 2001 - Hasbro have released ten new kits for the 2000/1 season. These are Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Leeds Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle Utd and Spurs. These have been released on the same numbers as the 1997-98 range except Man City who are new to the Premiership range and so have a new number:- 63341. Newcastle has been released under the away kit number (63331, while the bar code states 63815!).
August 2001: The ten new kits are now all illustrated. They are the usual Hasbro mix - some brilliant, others a bit disappointing. The main problem is that some very small details and logos have been attempted, and these don't always print correctly on every figure.

The Hasbro Range.

63012. AC Milan 2nd
63013. Juventus 2nd
63014. Bologna
63015. Spain. The final version of 791 was sometimes issued under this number.
63016. England - The "Special Edition" England was issued in a standard box under this number. I don't think the special box was issued outside the UK. The final version of 719 (with the large central badge) has also been spotted under this number.
63026. Sunderland
63027. Derby County

New versions for 2000/1

63131. Arsenal

63132. Blackburn Rovers

63133. Coventry City

63134. Leicester City

63135. Liverpool 2nd

63136. Liverpool

63137. Manchester United 2nd

63139. Manchester United 3rd

New Man Utd for 2000/1

63149. Manchester United

63151. Newcastle 2nd

63152. Nottingham Forest

63153. FC Nantes (France)

63154. Olympique Lyon (France)

63155. Auxerre (France)

63157. Olympique Marseille (France)

63158. AS Monaco (France) ,3

63159. Cannes (France), Olympiakos (Greece)

England (special box) Alternate France from the World Cup 98 set. Leeds for 2000/1

63161. Leeds United

63162. Scotland - the version shown above is the "proper" 63162, but the all dark blue version of 735 has also been seen under this number, as has an "all dark blue with umbro logo" kit.

63163. France - several alternatives seem to exist.

63164. Rangers

63166. Middlesborough

63167. Bayern Munchen (Germany) Appears to be the same as the 1996 version of 755.
63168. VFB Stuttgart (Germany). Now illustrated. Thanks to Lance Marsh
63169. Hamburger SV (Germany).
63171. Borussia Dortmund (Germany) Thanks to Austin Futers for the info and picture.
63172.. FC Schalke (Germany)

63246. England (Special Edition). Not sure about this. I have the special boxed England, but it doesn't seem to have a number. See also 63016. Andrew Mackay has spotted that this set is actually 61246. Which puts it at the end of the accessory range.

63277. Newcastle Utd ? Not sure about this number either. It's more likely to be 63727. Proof is awaited :-)
            The Hasbro "Newcastle Brown Ale" version is finally illustrated. Whilst this seems to be a 63727 team, it is the right era for this number.

Kits for 2000/2001

63317. Chelsea

63318. Aston Villa

63319. West Ham United

63322. Everton

63323. Southampton

63326. Liverpool 2nd

63327. Manchester United 2nd

Premiership kits for 2000/1

63331. 1997-98 Newcastle Utd 2nd (final version - purple and green)
            2000-01 Newcastle Utd home

63332. Sheffield Wednesday

63333. Tottenham Hotspur - also released under 63740

63335. Arsenal 2nd

63336. Derby County

63337. Bolton Wanderers

63338. Barnsley

63339. Crystal Palace

63341. Manchester City

Hasbro Special teams.

This final group rounds up the Hasbro sides not in the normal range (I didn't know where else to put them !!)

Watch this space for any new teams produced by Hasbro in the next few years. Check out the Parodi pages for teams produced in Italy 2002-03.

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